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If you’ve ever used free software or patched software, then you’ve heard of KMSPico. When you get a copy of Windows or Office software, you’d want to activate it. The KMSPico tool can help you activate a Windows OS or Office app for free if you don’t want to buy the activation key.

We’ve put up this article to help you understand what KMSPico is, drop insights to help you tell if it’s a virus, and give suggestions on how to remove it from your computer.

What is KMSPico Virus?

KMSPico is an illegal, unsafe tool that cybercriminals have developed to activate unregistered Microsoft products for free. It does this by bypassing Microsoft’s KMS (key management system) protocols and replacing the key with a newly generated key that postpones the activation.

In most cases, KMSPico is distributed by dubious websites that contain malicious content, which presents infectious executables as KMSPico. Instead of downloading and running the KMSPico features, users may end up downloading and running malware – often called the KMSPico virus.

Aside from installing KMSPico, the app will always demand that you disable any installed antivirus applications including Windows defender, which is a ploy to trick users into disabling their antivirus or anti-spyware suites to allow them to distribute their malware.

What Does KMSPico Virus Do?

As mentioned above, KMSPico exposes your PC/device to infections such as potentially dangerous programs, viruses, or malware. The KMSPico download sites may also proliferate malware that stealthily infiltrates a user’s PC. The virus remains silent without presenting any particular symptoms.

Once the KMSPico virus is installed in your PC, it installs or lets in additional harmful threats such as Trojans, adware, and other malware on your PC and browser. These threats will throw you into a whirl of annoyance. KMSPico may also overtake your browser and annoy you with redirects or present to you unending pop-up ads.

KMSPico virus intrudes on every activity you carry out, including your online activities. The virus poses a direct threat to your PC functions, privacy, and your online browsing security.

How is KMSPico Distributed?

There are three ways in which KMSPico may enter your system:

  • Direct downloads from its KMSPico official download website
  • From various malicious or shady sites
  • Through bundled free third-party software or applications

How to Avoid Installing KMSPico on Your PC

Take the following steps to avoid installing the KMSpico virus on your PC/device.

  • Avoid installing free apps or software as they are often bundled with malware like KMSPico.
  • Pay attention during installation of free software applications to avoid installing malware.
  • Use official Microsoft products.
  • Never disable your anti-malware or antivirus if prompted to do so.
  • Keep your OS and security software always updated.

How to Uninstall and Remove KMSPico Virus

You can remove KMSPico virus in two ways:

We recommend that the safest way to remove and get rid of KMSpico and its OS-related problems is through a professional anti-malware/antivirus. You’ll need to run a full system scan to eliminate the application from your system and other potentially dangerous components.

KMSPico Virus Removal Instructions

Here is how to remove the KMSPico virus manually and get rid of it completely:

  1. Investigate all your browser’s shortcuts.

Investigate your browsers’ shortcuts for KMSPico by right-clicking on them to change their properties. Check to see KMSPico or any other site at the end of browser’s shortcut target (command line). If it is there, remove it and save the changes.

  1. Remove/Uninstall KMSPico from programs and features (Control Panel.)

Go to Control Panel or Programs and Features and investigate the list of installed programs. Locate any unwanted, intrusive, or recently installed programs and uninstall them. Check the drives and registry entries on your computer for other executable files and ensure that they are entirely eliminated. Check for files that are named as:

  • AutoPico.exe
  • Secoh-qad.exe
  • unins000.exe
  • tap-windows-9.21.0.exe
  • Service_KMS.exe
  • UninsHs.exe
  • KMSELDI.exe
  1. Stop all KMSPico processes on the Task Manager.

Open the Task Manager and close or stop all processes related to KMSPico, or with names listed above, in their description.

  1. Inspect the Windows services for KMSPico and remove it.

Press Win+R and type in: services.msc, then press OK. Locate and disable services that have random names (listed in step 2 above) or contain KMSPico in its description or name.

  1. Disable KMSPico on Task Scheduler .

Key in Win+R, then type in ‘taskschd.msc’ and press Enter to open Windows Task Scheduler. Delete any tasks that you think are related to KMSPico (or the names listed in 2 above) and disable all of them.

  1. Clear your Windows registry from KMSPico components adware.

Key in Win+R, then type in ‘regedit.exe’ and enter. Locate and delete all descriptions and keys containing KMSPico registries or registries mentioned in step 2 above.

Note: Once done, run a full system scan using a professional antivirus or anti-malware tool. This is to ensure that you remove any remaining, but rattled KMSPico registries.

Wrapping Up

KMSPico is an illegal software that is designed with a purpose to crack Microsoft Office and Windows suite. Unfortunately, it exposes your PC to dangerous malware infections. You need to avoid this tool or eliminate its threats using reputable anti-malware software. Otherwise, it can cause severe damage to your PC and possibly corrupt it permanently.

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