What is Dirty Tinder Malware and How to Remove It?

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Can’t remove the Dirty Tinder malware from your system? Perhaps, you are already tired of its annoying pop-ups. In this article, we will guide you on how to remove Dirty Tinder Malware and guard your PC against this malicious program.

What is Dirty Tinder Malware?

Dirty Tinder Malware is a hazardous adware parasite, which is proficient in concealing itself once it gets to your PC. It is an ad-supported program that displays annoying adverts related to porn and dating sites. The Dirty Tinder virus is programmed to invade your web browsers and alter their settings.

Unwanted Consequences of Having Dirty Tinder Malware

As soon as you install the adware, it will redirect you to dirty-tinder.com. Alternatively, the parasite may display adverts on every website you visit. In some instances, the malware can pop up notifications that cover the whole screen. It can even pause your videos to display adverts. Besides this, the malware may slow down your PC.

This lethal infection can ruin your browsing experience and has the potential to destroy your PC. In fact, these are not the only negative effects of this Trojan infection. It can also corrupt your personal information and pass it over to cyber criminals for commercial exploitation.

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Dirty Tinder Malware monitors your browsing behavior so as to display targeted adverts. If you ignore the adverts, the malware will become even more aggressive. It will not only display more adverts, but it will also redirect you to scam websites.

How Does Dirty Tinder Malware Get Into Your PC and How to Avoid It?

Most PC users end up with this adware unintentionally when they activate freeware. A majority of free programs use a deceptive technique called bundling to distribute additional offers to users. Therefore, it is important to use Advanced (Custom) settings when installing freeware. If the freeware is bundled with offers, the advanced settings will alert you. And if you don’t like any offer, uncheck the corresponding box before installing the program. After all, nothing good comes attached to free programs.

The developers of this virus can also spread it through dating or adult sites. If you enjoy browsing adult sites, you have probably seen a warning that says, ‘This site is for adults only’. If you accept the condition, you will add an extension to your browser, which will show you pornographic ads.

You will know the Dirty Tinder infection has reached your PC when you notice the following changes:

  • Your PC and browser run slower than before.
  • You receive annoying Dirty-tinder.com ads.
  • You are redirected to suspicious websites without your will.
  • Your browser’s home page has been configured without your consent.

What to Do about Dirty Tinder Malware

If you notice unwanted adverts on reputable websites, then you need to remove the Dirty Tinder malware. The sooner you do it, the better. There are two main ways to get rid of the Dirty Tinder malware. The first option is to manually remove the infection and other rogue components from your system. The other option is to install a reliable PC Repair tool to delete the Dirty Tinder malware.

Option 1: Remove Dirty Tinder Infection Manually

If you prefer the manual way, you need to uninstall the adware from the PC and infected web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge.

Step 1: Remove the Malware from Your PC

  • Go to the search field on the taskbar and type: ‘control panel’.
  • Select the Uninstall a program option.
  • Select the malware and click Uninstall.

Step 2: Check Hosts File

  • Look for the hosts file in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\.
  • Open the file in Notepad.
  • After that, delete suspicious strings.

Step 3: Remove the Malware from Web Browsers

Google Chrome

Remove all unfamiliar add-ons by following these steps:

  • Go to Customize and Control Google Chrome and choose More Tools.
  • Select Extensions and remove suspicious add-ons.

You also need to change the homepage from the Customize and Control Google Chrome window:

  • Choose Settings.
  • Check for specific pages and open them.
  • Erase all specific pages.

Mozilla Firefox

Eliminate suspicious extensions from Firefox through the following steps:

  • Open menu, then Choose Add-ons > Extensions.
  • Select all suspicious add-ons and remove them.

To change homepage settings, follow these steps:

  • From the drop-down menu, select Options > Home.
  • Select the Blank page option for Homepage and new windows.

Internet Explorer

To deactivate strange extensions in Internet Explorer, follow these instructions:

  • Go to Tools > Manage add-ons.
  • From here, remove the Dirty Tinder malware.

To change homepage and new tab page configurations in Internet Explorer, go to Tools and follow these instructions:

  • Select Internet Options > General > Home page.
  • Put ‘about: blank’.

Microsoft Edge

  • From the Microsoft Edge menu, select Extensions.
  • After that, choose suspicious extensions and click Uninstall.

To change the homepage, open the search engine of your choice, then follow these instructions:

  • Choose More actions > Settings > View advanced settings.
  • Select Change search engine.
  • Choose your preferred search engine and select Set as default.

Option 2: Use Reliable PC Repair Software to Remove Dirty Tinder Malware

We wouldn’t recommend the first option if you’re not experienced in uninstalling programs. Some components of the virus may remain in your system. The second technique is a program-based removal with the help of reliable PC software. The Dirty Tinder virus uses misleading techniques to prevent its removal, so a full system scan is necessary to block the reappearance of the malware and prevent traffic to malicious websites.

We recommend you to install reputable anti-malware software like Outbyte PC Repair. This software will run a complete check of your PC to find the malware and other junk in your system. After that, it will clear the virus and other unwanted stuff off the system. Besides this, Outbyte PC Repair helps you to protect your privacy, improve your computer’s speed, and restore your system’s stability.


As you have noticed from the above discussion, ad-supported applications don’t add value to your PC. While the Dirty Tinder malware may not be the worst type of virus, it can wreak havoc on your PC. You should, therefore, remove it from your web browsers and PC as soon as you spot it.

Hopefully, you find this guide useful. Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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