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The August 2020 Windows 10/11 Cumulative Update KB4566782 is available for automatic installation on devices running Windows 10 version 2004. While some users face installation challenges, successful updates result in build version 19041.450.

If you were wondering what you might be missing on this update, let’s first take a look at what it has to offer. Highlighting the essential features of this update will also give us full insight on why it is an important update to the build.

According to MSRC, the latest update addresses over 259 security issues on Windows 10 version 2004. Among the addressed vulnerabilities, nine of them are critical as they patch remote code execution, privilege elevation, as well as spoofing.

This importance of this update is highlighted in the points listed below:

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  • Enhanced security when utilizing input peripherals like mouse and keyboard
  • Enhanced security on Windows when executing fundamental operations
  • Comes with essential updates for enhanced file management and storage
  • Enhanced security when browsing the net via MS Edge Legacy or Explorer
  • Enhanced security on MS Office products
  • Updated login credentials verification process

Furthermore, there are various improvements as well as fixes that come with the application of KB4566782 which include:

  • Security protocols that have been improved to ensure most of the MS Products such as Windows Graphics, Kernel, Media, and Shell offer enhanced experience.

As you can see, despite facing challenges to install KB4566782 update, it is important to find alternatives to ensure you’re a part of the cruise ship enjoying various enhanced features. Moreover, the update comes with important security patches that promote a safe and secure experience.

How to Install Update KB 4566782

Installing this update shouldn’t take more than five minutes. Its capacity is about 317 MB and it comes with all previous updates that you might have missed. This means if previous updates were skipped, KB 4566782 installs all the security fixes which incorporates earlier updates. Here is how you can install KB 4566782 package via Windows Update:

  1. Access Windows Settings before selecting Update & Security.
  2. Choose Windows Update.
  3. Select Check for updates button located on the right-hand pane.
  4. The system will begin to scan for updates. When finished, the KB 4566782 update will appear as a pending installation.
  5. Click on Install now button to begin downloading and installing the cumulative update.
  6. When done, allow the system to reboot for changes to take effect.

If for some reason you’re first with challenges installing KB 4566782 update using the method indicated above, perform an offline installation. You can download all KB 4566782 related updates from Microsoft Catalog. After downloading the cumulative update, run the MSU file and the system will automatically install it. If you want to know the version of your Windows build, access Run and in the search field, type “winver” (no quotes).

Why Update KB 4566782 Will Not Install

With this update rolled out to all Windows 10/11 platforms on the second Tuesday of August, others are yet to install it due to numerous problems. There are various culprits that may hinder installation of this update. Based on our analysis, we managed to pinpoint several issues which include:

  • Corrupt or missing service registration
  • Altered or missing security configurations
  • Corrupt or missing registry files
  • Issues related to Windows Update

Fix Update KB 4566782 Not Installing

There are many ways in which one can solve the Update KB 4566782 not installing error. However, our top pick among the fixes is to apply an OS repair installation. Create a Windows 10/11 installation media and save it to a USB drive. The drive capacity should be at least 8GB. You may select an internal storage drive as well. Once the media has been created, run the installation app within the system and select to save all of your existing files. This process will reinstall Windows 10/11 platform afresh, repair all errors and replace any of the corrupt files. Upon the completion of the repair installation, the KB 4566782 cumulative update will already be installed. The process takes a couple of hours depending on the speed of your system.

Using the fix above, users can get rid of the Update KB 4566782 not installing error and enjoy a much-improved MS OS. However, if you suspect that it might be corrupt registry files, we advise using trusted PC repair tools to resolve the issue.

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