The Most Common Windows 10/11 KB4343909 Issues and Possible Fixes

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The recently released KB4343909 cumulative update for Windows 10/11 aims to make the operating system more stable. However, its installation has been problematic for some users who have reported various issues to Microsoft.

4 Common KB4343909 Errors

Here are some of the most common problems with Windows 10/11 KB4343909:

1. Games don’t launch.

Are you an avid gamer? Well, you should not install the latest Windows 10/11 update right away.

After installing the latest update on their computers, many users complained that they are no longer able to play games. Prior to installing Windows 10/11 KB4343909, computer games had been working just fine. Once the installation was completed, the games no longer worked.

Windows 10/11 users tried the games DDO, SWTOR, and Assassin’s Creed. After updating, the games loaded and eventually dropped off. They were then brought back to the desktop with a semi-locked screen. For a few minutes, users waited for the Task Manager to load. And when it did, ending a task was nearly impossible.

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To fix the issue, they tried to remove the Windows 10/11 KB4343909 update. Surprisingly, that action made the games playable again.

2. VPNs failed to connect.

Some users complained the new update had broken VPN connections. They reported that they were unable to use their VPN tools to connect to a VPN network.

No matter what they did, they never successfully connected to a VPN network. The worse part was that they did not even get any error message. The VPN client only displayed the message “Trying to connect” the whole time without any hint of a failed or a successful attempt.

One user tried to troubleshoot the problem. He noticed the KB4343909 update had been installed in his computer. In an effort to resolve his problem, he decided to uninstall KB4343909. After rebooting his computer, he could already establish a VPN connection.

3. KB4343909 does not install successfully.

Unfortunately, some users have problems installing this new update. Once they begin the installation, the process freezes and gets stuck. Sometimes, it ends so suddenly with an error code. As a result, the installation becomes unsuccessful.

While installing the update, one user noticed that the process kept running for hours and did not complete. He installed it at night, and in the morning, it did not complete. The update just started again and again and was running like that for hours. The cycle seemed to be stuck between downloading, initializing, and installing.

4. Bluetooth keyboards won’t connect.

If you have updated your Windows 10/11 with the recent KB4343909 patch and your Bluetooth keyboard fails to connect, fret not. You are not the only one. A lot of Windows 10/11 users have been complaining about the issue. More specifically, they complained that their Bluetooth keyboards automatically go to sleep when connected, failing to establish a connection to computers.

The problem begins when a Bluetooth keyboard is not used within 10 minutes. It’ll immediately go to sleep, and it will take another 10 to 15 minutes for it to reconnect again.

A New Update to KB4343909

Another cumulative update was released last Tuesday for the KB4343909. Although it does not include any new Windows 10/11 features, it focuses on fixes to problems and quality improvements.

The new update fixes the issue that results in high CPU usage on computers that are equipped with Family 15H and 16H AMD processors. The users who are affected by the problem reportedly experience lags and performance degradation.

In addition, if you are having battery life problems after you upgraded to the Windows 10 version 1803, Microsoft suggests you download and install this new update as soon as you can. This new patch holds the solution to your battery life problem. Once you have installed it, you should not experience abnormal battery depletion issues.

Here are other significant improvements that are included in the most recent patch:

  • The new update resolves the problem that stops apps from receiving mesh updates after resuming. Luckily, this problem only affects Spatial Mapping mesh data apps and programs that are involved in the Resume or Sleep cycle.
  • Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer now support the preload = ”none” tag.
  • Device Guard will no longer block the ieframe.dll class IDs.
  • Apps that run on HoloLens need to authenticate after upgrading to Windows 10 version 1803.
  • Security updates have been made to Windows Server.
  • Apps that depend on COM components will no longer display the error messages, “class not registered”, “internal failure occurred for unknown reasons”, and “access denied”.

Where to Download KB4343909 Update

If you are interested in installing the new update, you can get it from the Update Catalog website of Microsoft. You can also download it right away through the notifications that pop up on your notifications bar.

Nonetheless, if you prefer to stay on top of things, go to Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update. You should be able to get the update here. To install the update, you have to restart your computer first.

Once you successfully installed the update, you might want to install Outbyte PC Repair, too. Although it has nothing to do with KB4343909, this tool will keep your computer performing at its best to ensure you enjoy lag-free performance all day long.

What do you think about this update? Have you already installed it on your computer? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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