Restoro Review 2024: Features, Usage, Pricing, and How to Use It

How useful Restoro is in 2022?
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Are you frustrated by your PC’s sluggish performance, despite restarting it multiple times? This issue can affect anyone, even those with high-end specifications like 128GB of RAM or a 500TB SSD. The feeling of disappointment is common when your computer operates at a pace slower than expected, resembling the movement of a snail.

According to an article by Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President and Head of the Windows and Devices Group, it is not impossible for malicious software to creep into your PC and drag down its performance. But this is only one of many factors. So, in order to safeguard your computer from both well-known and unidentified factors, you need something reliable.

This is where Restoro comes in as effective software that could be used to fix operating systems, protect computers from age-related issues, and minimize—if not completely take out—the effects of damaged Windows files.

In this Restoro review, we highlight the various aspects of the software and how to get the most out of it.

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Restoro at a Glance: Usefulness and Users’ Opinion

Our Restoro repair tool review has to start from the beginning: the introduction of the software to the market. That was in 2018, a time when the system repair industry was still besieged by demands of computer users to flesh out the field and provide trustworthy applications. Restoro came at the right time and was primed for the Windows OS.

Since then Restoro has come to be known for its effectiveness and efficiency, especially with reference to the speed of its scans. This is why there are calls for a Restoro PC repair tool review even now. So what is Restoro? It is an interactive program designed for Windows computers to help users get rid of malicious software, boost PC security, and ensure that processors are running at their best.

Restoro’s diagnostic operations work only on Windows software. This is one limitation to its use, but that is only for users in the macOS or Linux ecosystem. Windows users that have Restoro installed on their computers know that the software performs the fastest possible examination of Windows files and the Registry.

How useful Restoro is in 2022?

Restoro also clears out PC junk, whether it is software leftovers, damaged files, broken program code, or malware. Thus, it takes care of the problem of fixing a slow computer running Windows 10/11.

When it comes to Restoro, system optimization is the first term that comes to mind. At least, that is what users interested in a Restoro Windows repair tool review insist that the rest of us know. This means that the developers of Restoro are in the business of boosting your computer’s performance while ensuring that only needed files and harmless programs are running in the background whenever your PC is on. And you wouldn’t need to refresh or reinstall the Windows OS even if the problem was caused by Windows updates.

Thus, while writing this Restoro software review, we asked ourselves what the average Windows user might get from using the application. The following sections are the results of our research.

Features of Restoro


Restoro’s interface is minimalist in its entirety. You can count the entire list of features on one hand and then borrow three other fingers for the Settings, Minimalize, and Terminate Program options. This means that users wouldn’t have to memorize the various locations of Restoro’s features when they want to perform a routine scanning procedure.

The colors are also intuitive. Apart from the colors of the Restoro logo, which are red, yellow, and green, there are no other bright colors on the interface. There is the occasional blue color whenever Restoro reports the results of its scans, but that is not at all offensive to the eyes of users. So when Windows is in Dark Mode, Restoro is a pleasure to use.

The simplicity of Restoro’s interface is unique in the sense that different features are well laid out. After the software has scanned your computer, the summary display appears, and it is simple and thorough. The report, which is many pages long, is condensed to fit into tabs that are easy to understand. So, you won’t have to read the entire thing to know what is off about the performance of your computer.

You can see from the image below that Restoro’s interface allows you to immediately click on the part of the scan report about problems with your Windows Registry files.


Restoro’s scanner alone is enough motivation to grab the app. The software runs like an executable file without making you go through the process of choosing whether to conduct a surface scan or something like a deep dive into your Windows user and default files. Thus, upon launching the program, a console pops up and asks you whether you would like to scan your PC. As long as you click YES and have a working internet connection, Restoro starts and immediately proceeds to the Compiling Data stage.

Then it runs through your PC Profile, checking system information, modules, disk space, you name it. It is after these processes have been carried out that Restoro begins scanning your PC for crashed programs, malware and PUAs, junk files, broken registry entries, and privacy traces. There is also an option to abort the scanning. So, even though it looks as if Restoro has not given you any choice, at least you can end the scanning process whenever you want.

As you probably know, each of the 5 points of the Restoro scanner’s focus is a reason for concern. Imagine that your word processor kept crashing without any obvious cause – you would definitely be worried. Thus, since the option to scan for crashed programs is in the Restoro interface, it is clear that the developers took care to beef up Restoro’s scanning coverage. Due to this coverage alone, Restoro, as well as Outbyte PC Repair, may be assigned a top score as a suitable PC repair tool for most Windows computers.


Against other tools, Restoro stands apart in terms of speed. On a Windows computer with 8GB of RAM, 500GB HDD disk space (358GB free), Restoro ran for 11 minutes and a few seconds. That is an above-average scanning speed when compared to many other PC repair applications, whether for Windows or macOS.

Also, since you can stop the scanner at any point, you can lower this scanning time. The only problem here is that the Restoro scanning process has a sequence of steps: first, the program scans for crashed programs before checking for malware, junk files, and Windows Registry issues. However, an average of 11 minutes is a pinch of time when you know that the software will scan everything.


Restoro is efficient. As earlier mentioned, the software has 5 points of focus for its scanning process. Each of these is well taken care of.

In the test we ran, Restoro listed 3,714 issues with our Windows computer. It also offered to fix them. Really, when you have run cleanmgr on multiple occasions, only to find stubborn files that refuse to disappear, it is a relief to have an option like Restoro.

Meanwhile, you can also check out our review of the top 3 PC optimizers besides Restoro.

How to Download and Install Restoro

Restoro is easy to download and install:

  1. Download the software from the Restoro website.
  2. Click Yes when the option for installation pops up.
  3. Click Finish after Restoro has been installed.
  4. The software will launch itself if you have a working internet connection.


Restoro has three pricing plans: Basic, Premium, and Extended. Each has its provisions and conditions.

Restoro’s Basic pricing plan is for one-time use. It requires you to pay $29.95 to be able to enjoy the basic services of the software. These include the detection and removal of viruses in real time, restoration of the Windows OS, optimization of the Windows Registry, etc.

The Premium plan costs $39.95 and is valid for a year. In addition to enjoying the basic services, you will also get access to 24/7 support.

The Extended plan is the best of all. It costs $59.95, is also valid for a year, but can be used as three different licenses. In other words, besides enjoying the premium Restoro services, you will also be able to use the software on multiple Windows devices. This is good for corporate environments.

Without subscribing to any of these three plans, you will not be able to use the software as you see in the image below.

So, is Restoro worth it or not? The interface is easy to use, the features are top-notch, and the pricing is flexible. Hopefully, we have answered the question.

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