How to Fix the Photos App Error 0x80070020 On Windows 10/11

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This tutorial addresses the Photos App Error 0x80070020 on Windows 10/11, one of the most searched error queries. It provides detailed information on its origin, how it affects your system, and tips on how to counter the issue.

What is the Photos App Error 0x80070020 on Windows 10/11?

This is one of the common errors usually experienced when attempting to save or export videos on Windows 10/11. The error is identified by the pop-up message on the screen that reads:

Couldn’t save the video

The file is in use. Try again later or choose a different file name. Here’s the error code, in case you need it: 0x80070020

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Photos App Error 0x80070020 On Windows 10/11

Naturally, you might wonder what to do about the Photos App Error 0x80070020. Well, several methods can be applied when one is trying to get rid of the photos app error. We will only take a look at the top four methods and outline them alongside the steps to take when solving the problem.

  1. Change the saving location
  2. Try saving in the local hard disk first
  3. Save under another filename
  4. Uninstall. then reinstall the Photos app
  5. Start anew and create a new video

Before you proceed to the solutions below, we recommend that you restart the app, Then, try saving or exporting the file again. In case that doesn’t work, then you can try the fixes in the next section. Let’s go into the details of each solution. We’ll outline how it can be applied to solve the Photos App Error 0x80070020.

How to Remove the Photos App Error 0x80070020 On Windows 10/11

Fix 1: Change the Saving Location

To get started:

  1. Close the app and exit all the pages.
  2. Refresh your home screen, then open the Photos app again.
  3. Continue with the last edit, then try to resave the file in a different location.
  4. Check that the Export option is active. If it is, this means you’re now able to export the file.

Fix 2: Try Saving in the Local Hard Disk

A commonly overlooked solution but one that works most of the time is saving on the local hard disk. If you were trying to save to OneDrive or Google Drive, you can try changing location:

  1. Continue and finish the current edit you’re working on.
  2. Click on Save As to select where you want to store your work.
  3. Select your Local Hard Disk.
  4. Give your file a name that you will recognize and finish saving.

This should solve the error. Ensure that your local hard disk has space first before attempting to save any files on it.

Fix 3: Save Under Another Filename

The issue behind the Photos App Error 0x80070020 might be that the new name you want to save it under is not being accepted or has already been taken. If that is the case, then the solution would involve saving the file under a new name. Then, maybe, the error message will not pop up—an indication that the issue has been resolved.

Fix 4: Reinstall the Windows Photo App

Another possible cause of the Error 0x80070020 would be an incorrectly installed app. If that is the case, then you need to reinstall the app the right way. Here is how:

  1. Simultaneously press the Windows + R keys to launch the Run Dialog.
  2. In the Search field, type “cmd” (no quotes) and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys simultaneously.
  3. If prompted by User Account Control (UAC), click on the Yes button to give Admin privileges. This move activates Administrator: Command Prompt.
  4. Inside the Elevated Command Prompt field, insert the following command line, before pressing the Enter key:
    get-appxpackage *Microsoft.Windows.Photos* | remove-appxpackage

Fix 5: Start Afresh and Create a New Video

Finally, the issue might be in the specs behind the current video. If that is to be the case, then creating a new video should resolve the issue.

You now know what possibly causes the Photos App Error 0x80070020 and how to fix it. Try and apply any of these methods, moving along to the next until you have tried out all of them or at least resolved the error.

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