Traditional Banking System vs. FinTech: Pros and Cons of Working

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Many clients nowadays are experiencing challenges with conventional banking systems. It is because people are now embracing cutting-edge technologies with appreciation. But, unfortunately, for some people, banking’s convenience causes stress.

Financial technology exhibits a great deal of innovation, comfort, and ease. It simplifies complicated financial procedures. As a result, everyone can now access them more quickly, especially younger generations who easily adapted to technologies. There are several reliable fintech software development company available worldwide. They offer services from which many banks would benefit. Engineers specializing in developing financial technology software create, distribute, update, and maintain.

What Distinguishes FinTech and Traditional Banks?

Financial institutions and things with a financial part can gain a lot from Fintech. Although like traditional banking, it also has some drawbacks. Some of the apparent distinctions between digital and conventional banking are the following.

  • Fintech operates entirely online. It provides no-fee accounts and packages financial software with financial services. On the other hand, conventional banks require you to visit a physical branch and charge hefty account fees.
  • It takes much longer to open a bank account at a local bank. In contrast, some big financial institutions have moved to online applications.
  • The traditional bank has limited office hours, while the clients can use fintech 24/7.

Pros and Cons of FinTech

Internet banking indeed has its drawbacks. But these are outweighed by the benefits of being able to bank from the comfort of one’s home. Furthermore, Financial tech opportunities save not only monetary resources but also energy, time, and the environment.


  • Online banks don’t have the enormous costs of running a business that traditional banks do. In addition, online banking cuts bank fees due to having less overhead.
  • Fintech can also offer better interest rates on savings and checking accounts.
  • There’s no need to fight the crowds or the clock when you bank online. Instead, you may perform all of your banking from the comfort of your own home, on your own time.
  • Fintech solutions include optimizing payment processes, assessing credit application profiles, and storing data in the cloud.


  • Some digital banking companies offer the use of blockchain technology, but the majority of them do not. Because of this, the privacy and safety of user data may compromise as a result.
  • A lack of governing guidelines. The regulations that govern digital worldwide are not flawless. Unless rules are in place, some of these may be misused.
  • If technological problems, such as random website crashes or planned maintenance, force your bank to go down, there isn’t much you can do about it.
  • Some virtual banks require a minimum amount in your bank account to access low or waive transfer fees.

Pros and Cons of Traditional Banking

Even people in their 20s and 30s tend to be conservative with their money. So even though they may have no trouble ordering groceries on their phone, they are less likely to switch their domestic retail bank account for an app.

It is crucial to understand that conventional banks employ another set of dynamics in their financial dealings. Having been established for a long time, banks are formidable opponents because customers trust them.


  • Their most valuable asset is the consistent foot traffic to their branch offices, which allows them to develop a trustworthy and personal rapport with their customers.
  • With few constraints, there are fast cash withdrawals at branch ATMs, drive-thru, or within the bank.
  • If you need a quick response to a query, you can stop in during your free time.


  • Many campaigns require customers to visit a branch or call customer service. It becomes frustrating, especially in a modern environment.
  • Sometimes, it is impossible to access online banking, or the features are out-of-date.
  • Money in a savings account could generate less interest.
  • If there is something you cannot handle online, you need to visit a branch.

Final Say

Which is better, traditional banks or Fintech? Because both have unique advantages, this topic is quite challenging to answer, as we know that the world is constantly changing.

Advanced technologies are widely accepted today, and many adapt to these changes. It may be challenging at first, but as it continues to do good service, the world may fully embrace Fintech.

However, we need to become more familiar with all the benefits financial technology startups and enterprises offer. It is crucial, like how we all started with conventional banks.

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