Top Business Process Management Trends in 2024

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In 2020, Business Process Management Trends or BPMs has finally become available and affordable, not only for large businesses but to small businesses like startups as well. A BPM is a transformation that so many businesses need. It’s more of a digital transformation that allows businesses to manage important processes easier and more conveniently. Modern technologies enable organizations to be more creative, and allow them to develop interesting products for their customers rather than spend much time on daily tasks. What’s really great about BPM and other modern technologies is that they reduce expenses.

Some of the biggest trends that will make a difference in 2020 are low-code, automatization of daily processes, and collecting data in real-time. is a prime example of a platform that offers a low-code solution for the app development niche. It’s a solution that makes app development easier and more exciting. Creating apps in 2020 will help businesses to be agile and keep up with changes since flexibility is the most important aspect for growth.

In the next part of the article, we will talk in detail about low-code development platforms and other trends of BPM in 2020.

BPM Trends That Are Worth Trying in 2020

Here are four major trends that will help your organization to scale up:


In 2020, the ability to create apps without knowing programming and coding comes in handy. Since BPM is bonded with CRM, low-code is an irreplaceable solution for business growth. Customer relationship management can be easily improved by offering your customers a convenient app. A low-code platform enables businesses to develop apps and automate processes without hiring specialists. The technology allows creating customer engagement apps and operational efficiency optimization apps. The benefits of low-code are reduced expenses and launching products in a much shorter time.

Tracking Analytics

The amount of data that modern businesses have to process is incredibly big. Therefore, BPM delivers full analytical capabilities to help businesses make smarter decisions. Real-time analytics can save a lot of time and help businesses to focus on needs. The ability to get accurate data and measure it becomes one of the key trends of BPM in 2020.

Robotics Process Automation

RPA, which stands for Robotics Process Automation, is one of the key BPM market trends of 2020. This technology helps organizations to accelerate back-office and middle-office tasks. Thus, the solution helps organizations achieve goals efficiently and allows businesses to grow. RPA software can handle tasks of big volume, such as calculation, transaction, and recording. Just like low-code technology, RPA doesn’t require programming skills, which makes it easier for organizations to integrate the technology into work. Employees without expertise in programming can be trained to automate RPA tools, which also reduces costs.

Collaborative Workforce

Businesses that aim to grow and improve understand that they need to spread across the world. Experts that invest their skills and knowledge can be anywhere in the world and thanks to the latest technologies, collaboration can be productive on distance, too. Nowadays, it’s important to connect with teams of professionals regardless of location. BPM automates processes and workflow in a way that reaches goals effectively and faster.


The BPM market offers great possibilities for startups and businesses with big names. In 2020, businesses will have to learn about new tools for high-efficiency that also help save money and precious time. Going mobile with the help of low-code, accelerating processes, collecting data will help organizations and businesses make better decisions and deliver the needs of customers. All the above-listed technologies and solutions will evolve and offer improved features in the nearest future, which will make organizations and remote teams forget about routine tasks and become more productive.

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