Top 5 IPTV Services

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In this article, we will explore some of the best IPTV services out there, which enable you to watch your favorite channels online.

There is a range of IPTV services to choose from in its crowded market. It can be a challenge to differentiate the good from the not so good and find the best service for you and your needs.

These services tend to be compatible with the Amazon FireStick but have since advanced to other platforms, including Android devices such as TVs, TV Boxes, mobiles, and other handheld devices. They also work with iOS, Windows, Mac, etc.

To assist you with your search, we have narrowed it down with the help of to five of the best that we think are worth the investment.

Please continue to read to ensure you never miss an episode of your favorite movie or television show.

1. Sapphire Secure IPTV

Sapphire Secure IPTV offers consumers six different packages on a monthly payment plan, which is the standard IPTV subscription format for most IPTV services.

The fresh service has soared in popularity because of its affordable price, which enables consumers of different backgrounds and budgets to stream their favorite cable TV channels on an Amazon Firestick and other Android devices such as TV boxes, mobiles, and tablets.

You can expect access to more than 1500 channels in HD quality from around the world, including popular channels from the United States and the United Kingdom.

It is an excellent option for families because of its built-in EPG (Electronic Program Guide) and TV Guide option. It also includes the Multi-Screen feature that allows family members to watch up to four channels at the same time on the same screen.

2. Sportz TV IPTV

If you get Sportz TV installed into your device, you should expect to have access to more than 6500 satellite channels from all over the world including the USA, UK, Canada, and other popular broadcasting locations.

The standard plan will cost you $9.95 with two connections.

The IPTV service is supported on most Android devices, however, it is worth noting it isn’t available via an official channel and so, it must be sideloaded or manually installed to your devices.

Having the choice is important to Sportz TV, and so you will find a VOD (Video on Demand) section on your screen with an array of on-demand movies and shows. Moreover, there is a live EPG or TV guide that informs you of current television schedules.

Even though it is one of the best and most channels can be streamed in full HD, some channels can only be streamed in 720p.

3. Nitro TV IPTV

Nitro TV IPTV, which has more than 6000 channels, is arguably one of the best IPTV services available in today’s market.

It offers consumers with over 2500 HD streams and can be used by either two or four devices in any location, depending on your subscription type.

Nitro TV has you covered with all the major channels from the USA, as well as the UK, Canada, and various regions around the world.

It has apps for Android and Android-based TV devices, including the prolific FireStick, and offers smooth performance for even low-spec devices.

One flaw is you may experience the occasional navigation issue, but is only a minor problem and is overshadowed by offering an almost total buffer-free streaming experience.

4. Streams for US

Streams for US is an IPTV service worthy of your attention and investment.

If you choose this streaming service, you will have access to over 2000 live TV channels without breaking the bank, with an attractive price of $7 per month.

The service isn’t exclusive to just the FireStick; it is also supported by a range of Android-based devices and even has a web-based service that can be used in any popular browser.

There are four plans to choose from to entertain your needs, and we think it is an excellent all-inclusive streaming solution to keep you up to date with all the latest shows and movies.

5. Beast TV IPTV

Last but not least is the Beast TV IPTV service, which is a cost-effective way to stream all your favorite channels without stretching your wallet.

It is available to consumers at $15 a month, but has three plans to choose from that caters to capabilities and a range of income.

You will gain access to more than 1000 channels from the USA, UK, and Canada, with an overall amount of more than 2500 from various regions.

Beast TV has apps for the FireStick, Android TV devices, Smart TVs, and Android mobiles. It can also be enjoyed on iOS, computers, Kodi, and MAG devices.

One account can be used on up to four devices, which makes it an excellent choice for a family or with a group of friends.


Cable-TV subscriptions feel like a thing of the past, and luckily there are alternatives out there.

IPTV services are an effective way of cutting the cord and watch your favorite channels online. There has been an increase in services, which means there is a service out there for everyone with a different plan and payment type.

We hope you’re impressed by our top five, but if you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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3 years ago

Having an IPTV is really great especially when you love watching tv shows or if you have children. Thanks for sharing this!

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