The 5 Best Mapping Tools for Businesses 2024

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Maps have many uses. Whether you’re planning a business trip, looking for commercial space, or looking to drive sales through census data, a mapping tool will help you create a map that meets your needs.

Mapping tools or mapping software is a program that uses your location-based data to create a unique map. This map can then be modified and customized to utilize and analyze your data as you see fit. For example, if you want a visual representation of all the possible locations for a new store, you can input the prospects’ location information into the mapping program. The program will then create a map highlighting those areas. From there, you can see things like nearby competitors, demographic information, distance to public transit, etc.

There are a lot of mapping tools on the market, so to help you narrow down your search, we’ve created a list of the top 5 best mapping tools for your business.

1. Maptive

Maptive’s mapping software creates detailed maps quickly and easily using your spreadsheet data. The interface is intuitive, so anyone can use it, and is powered by Google’s GIS mapping technology. This software features tools such as route planning, geographic boundaries, census data, heat maps, custom colors, and radiuses. You’re able to add and store data from multiple sources, and the program is cloud-based and mobile-friendly so that you can access your map from anywhere. Any map you create can be embedded into your company’s website or printed, as shown here: This means that if you want to send a sales rep on a series of sales calls, you can print him out a detailed map with all his prospects’ locations and demographic data.

Maptive can be used for a variety of purposes but is ideally suited for commercial real-estate, supply-chain management, and sales.

2. Mapme

This tool makes creating an interactive map simple and easy. It contains a variety of features that are intuitive to use, meaning you don’t need to be a programmer or GIS expert. A prominent feature of this tool is its ability to embed maps on external sites. This means you could create a map of all your office locations, and then Mapme will give you a link to display that map on your company’s website. Mapme can be used for a variety of markets but is particularly well suited for commercial real estate, residential real estate, and tourism and hospitality.

3. My Maps by Google

MyMaps allows you to create simple maps on your desktop or Android device. You can create custom maps by drawing points or shapes, saving locations to the map, or uploading a spreadsheet. Like other Google products, you can collaborate with others to build your map and integrate your maps with image search and location services. This is particularly useful if you want to see what’s around a specific location. For example, if you’re looking to open a restaurant, you can see what other restaurants are nearby and might provide competition. This tool also features a variety of customization options. You can change individual icons, including their shape and color, add photos and videos, and add color to your map territories.

4. ZeeMaps

Zeemaps is unique in that it offers a crowdsourcing function. It allows you to create a map and then ask the Zeemap community to help identify landmarks, stores, restaurants, etc. With this tool, you can import a spreadsheet, and then the program will render the data as the base layer of a map. This software features include custom fields, traffic overlay, customizable icons, color regions, marker groups, and heat maps.

5. OnePlace by Unearth

This software is designed for simple map making, data management, and collaborative work. The program is cloud-based and features satellite imagery, which can then be overlaid with shapes, drawings, and measurements. This tool’s other features include custom workflows, custom forms, image and video capabilities, and offline use. OnePlace specializes in servicing industries such as AEC, utilities, oil and gas, and telecom.

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