Passive Income Freelance Platform? Get Crypto With JumpTask

Passive Income Freelance Platform? Get Crypto With JumpTask
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Have you joined the gig economy already? There has been a lot of noise in the news lately about people quitting their jobs and moving towards freelancing. In fact, the gig economy sector is massive: its size is expected to top $400B in 2022. Is it challenging to earn money there?

Most of the time, you must put in significant effort and complete projects to receive income in the gig economy. You also usually need specific skills or knowledge, as the freelance market is becoming increasingly competitive. However, that’s not the only way into the industry.

What if there was a single platform to get both passive and active income in freelancing? JumpTask, a crypto platform offering micro tasks for gig workers, says there is. Let’s investigate if what they are saying is true and whether you should consider joining it.

What Is JumpTask?

JumpTask offers small tasks for gig workers to earn money on the side. Interestingly, the platform has its own cryptocurrency – JumpToken (JMPT). Freelancers complete jobs and earn JMPT in return. It means that you get crypto without putting your own money down.

The platform was launched in January 2022 and is growing quite quickly. It has attracted more than 1M active members, which signals that many freelancers find it helpful.

What makes JumpTask stand out is its unique approach to freelancing. Instead of offering complex tasks or large projects, the platform focuses on microtasks. Almost anyone can complete all jobs without specific skills or knowledge.

How To Get Started On JumpTask?

It’s pretty easy to get started on JumpTask. First, you can go to their website on your laptop or smartphone. In truth, the website could use some upgrading in terms of design. However, the JumpTask team has already announced that they are working on revamping their website.

The only thing you need before earning JMPT is a crypto wallet. Don’t worry if you don’t have one. JumpTask uses Torus to create a wallet automatically when you use social logins. After that, you are ready to collect JumpTokens. These can be later exchanged into cash if you wish.

What Are Ways To Earn?

JumpTask offers both passive and active ways to get paid in JMPT. Currently, passive methods include internet bandwidth sharing and staking. On the other hand, you can actively complete small tasks or surveys to earn money. Let’s look at these in more detail.

One way to get a passive income is by sharing your internet traffic. How does it work? You need to download the Honeygain app, which is a partner of JumpTask. Next, you keep the app running in the background of your phone or laptop and let it collect JMPT.

Another way to earn passively is with crypto staking. It works like your usual savings account. Instead of depositing your dollars and earning interest, you deposit your tokens and accumulate JMPT rewards. Staking is a good way to put your existing tokens to work for you.

You can also get money actively with Offerwalls or Surveys. Simply put, you earn JumpTokens by downloading and trying the latest apps, watching videos, or solving puzzles. You can also complete interesting surveys and get paid for sharing your opinions.

Some people might find the current tasks too easy to complete or repetitive. However, it’s important to remember that JumpTask launched only this year! Therefore, more task types will be introduced in the future, as discussed in the project’s whitepaper on their website.

How Much Money Can I Make?

When looking at earnings, JumpTask provides an excellent first step in earning as a freelancer. It is true that you will not make millions, but $50 per month is certainly possible. Reaching $100 is doable, but this would require more of your efforts.

Your earnings depend on how many tasks you complete. For example, if you combine both active and passive earning methods, your income increases. Additionally, if you use your existing JMPT earnings in staking, you maximize your earning potential.

Finally, you can participate in JumpTask token giveaways for a chance to win JMPT. The platform organizes a monthly event called Windrop, which works as a crypto airdrop. Investors need to meet specific criteria before entering the prize draw.

Ending Word

All in all, JumpTask provides an opportunity for freelancers to earn money both actively and passively. The platform could have a better website and a wider task offering for different levels of workers. However, both improvements are coming in the future, according to JumpTask. As a result, the platform is a good way to earn extra – try it yourself and see if it works!

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