How to Choose the Right Employee Engagement Software for Your Business?

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Employee engagement software is a unique type of software, that instead of helping your employees with their technical tasks, focuses on a much more important duty. Employee engagement software is there to improve the fulfillment of your employees, but also to help your company on multiple levels.

Through employee engagement software, you will be able to track the work of your employees, give them feedback, and boost their productivity. Besides giving you a closer look into the productivity of your employees, employee engagement software will allow you to track the overall well-being of your employees, and help them keep focused and motivated.

Having this kind of platform will help you build a much stronger relationship with your employees, and it benefits both your employees and managers, the HR department, and C-suite.

Finding the right employee engagement software might be difficult and time-consuming, but in the long run, it will have a significant positive impact on your company.

What is employee engagement software?

In short, employee engagement software helps employees and their superiors build stronger professional relationships. Employee engagement software is a digital way of creating a community between your employers, managers, and other departments of your company.

There are many approaches how to improving your business productivity, but first, you should be able to track it. By using this type of software, you will have an insight into the productivity of your workers. Employee engagement software will give you the understanding of which workers should be rewarded, and which workers are slacking off. You can use this information to find ways to encourage workers that have a lower output.

Employee engagement software is one of the best ways of giving your workers an incentive for their work. There are other ways of encouraging your employees, and this article by Perkbox dives into employee incentive schemes, but having an employee engagement software complements many of them.

With this tool at your disposal, not only that you will improve the internal aspects of your company, but you will also attract new employees. Top talents in their branches will be more drawn to companies that care for their workers. By supporting the overall well-being of your workers through methods like employee engagement software, you are building a bond with your employees.
Important features of employee engagement software

1. Employee recognition

When it comes to employees and their fulfillment, the biggest mistake that you can make is letting their productivity be unrecognized. With this kind of tool, employees will have a sense of accomplishment when their output is higher than what was requested from them.

Employee recognition features are things like creating milestones for your employees, setting criteria for various aspects of their work, and giving adequate awards to productive employees. By recognizing the employees that give their best, you will increase their sense of fulfillment but also potentially create a healthy sense of competitiveness between your employees.

Even if you are managing a smaller company or a department, this type of tool will allow you to have a transparent look into your employees. In the case of large businesses, this transparency can also help managers have a closer look at their subordinates.

2. User-friendly interface

Employee engagement software should be easy to use for your workers, especially if your company isn’t an IT one. Even the least tech-savvy employees should be able to navigate the employee engagement software that you choose.

By avoiding software that is overcomplicated or that requires additional training to use, your users will be much more prone to using it. Using employee engagement software should be straightforward, and the users should feel fulfilled after using it.

3. Surveys

Surveys are one of the most important ways of acquiring data and understanding your employees. By implementing surveys that can be done as often as daily or even annually, you will be able to measure the satisfaction of your workers and have.

Through surveys, your employees will have a way to express their opinion on their personal feelings and perhaps needs that they believe are neglected, and an opinion on how well the company or their department works.

Surveys will allow you to constantly improve your company and the satisfaction of your workers. Another way that you can use surveys is to give them to workers that resigned, this way you can have a closer look into the shortcomings of your company and retain more workers.

4. Scalability

No matter the size of your company at the moment, depending on your aspirations and goals, you will probably want to expand and hire more people. What happens often is that with more profit and more people, it gets harder to oversee the company.

In companies with hundreds of employees, you won’t need to personally engage with each of them, but you should help your managers and people in HR manage their branches as effectively even with much more employees. To accomplish this, you should look for employee engagement software that will suit your needs even in the future, as your company expands.

5. Performance Evaluation

Depending on the field that your company operates in, there are different ways of measuring the performance of your workers.

For example, businesses that are specialized in selling services can track the performance of their employee by having an insight into their sales quota, average call time, and conversion rate, while an SEO agency can track the word count of their workers.

In both of these cases, the work of the employees is measurable, and a platform that will provide you with an insight into this will help you evaluate the output of your workers.

6. Employee Training Tools

When hiring new workers you want them to get on track as soon as possible. Workers might already have experience working in the field, but there are always differences between companies on multiple levels.

Employees that are experienced in the field, and that are in the company for a while can help their novice co-workers in adapting to the new workplace. However, this means that your company won’t be working at full capacity.

By having the employee engagement software with features in the field of employee training, you will be able to make the onboarding process much faster.

Training your employees can be achieved through numerous eLearning tools. However, by having an option to train them through employee engagement software, you are making it much easier for them. Employee training tools will help new workers to get to know the skillset that they will need, but it can also help with getting them to know the workplace culture, code of conduct, and similar stuff.

7. Feedback

The feedback feature should be a straightforward way that employees and their higher-ups can evaluate each other. This feature gives your employees a way to build mutual trust, as well as provide a way for growth.

Depending on your requirements, you can find platforms that have a minimalistic feedback system that allow them to give them a rate on a scale from 1 to 5 for example. On the other hand, some platforms will allow your employees and managers to give each other detailed evaluations across multiple fields.

The feedback feature is often in real-time by sending you notifications. This feature is another way of giving your employees recognition and finding top talents.

Choosing employee engagement software that suits your requirements

The features mentioned above are something that you should look for in the employee engagement software in most cases.

However, you should have a clear intention that you want to accomplish by implementing employee engagement software in your company.

You should consider what is the purpose of your company, and what would implement such software to help you improve. An organization with established workplace culture won’t need to invest as much time in setting up the software as a recently founded company.

So besides having clear goals for implementing employee engagement software, you should have in mind the time and resources that will be required. Manpower and experts in using such software might also be required.

By creating clear goals for your company, you will be able to choose the right employee engagement software for your business.

Increasing employee engagement, retaining employees, and identifying top talents are some of the potential goals that you might have for your company.

Each one of these situations might require different features and approaches. Another important factor that you should have in mind is whether you have remote workers, this might also require a unique approach. However, if your company is already using multiple remote work tools, you might want to look for simpler employee engagement software.

Before making the choice, it’s important to have a closer look at what are the reviews of the software and what are the features that they offer. It’s a good sign if other companies in the field, or your competitors, are using the employee engagement software that you got interested in.

The bottom line is that before making your final choice, you should make a thorough analysis of your company, its goals, and its workplace culture.

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