A Quick Guide About the Types of Broadband Connections

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Broadband, a term that is usually referred to the internet access of high-speed, is available for many users without interruptions. The speed of broadband internet is generally faster than other traditional dial-up access. This means broadband is an advanced technology of high-speed internet transmission. The types of broadband transmission used nowadays are:

  • Broadband over Powerlines
  • Cable Modem
  • Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)
  • Wireless
  • Satellite

These varieties of broadband technology are used depending on different factors. One of the main factors include whether or not the user is located in an urban area or either a rural one; Airband are a fibre broadband provider to the more rural areas in the UK, like Wales and Devon. The packages of these services usually include home entertainment, voice telephone, price, availability, with of course – the high-speed internet.

Broadband over Powerline

The delivery of high-speed broadband internet through electric powerline distribution network in low to medium voltage is what Broadband over Powerline is. The speed of broadband over powerline is often compared to the speeds of other cable modem speeds.However, because it is an emerging technology, it is only available in a few limited areas. Also, it can be provided at homes or offices through the existing electrical connections.

Cable Modem

This service is one of the most popular ones where the service providers are basically cable operators. They use the same coaxial cables to provide internet that delivers pictures, colors and sounds to the television.

The cable modems are external devices with connections to the cable wall outlet and the other one to the computer.

Digital Subscriber Line

This is a wireless broadband technology. It transfers data in a much faster way with the help of traditional copper wires, existing in homes and businesses. The transmission speed provided by the DSL based broadband service ranges from a few hundred Kbps to millions of Mbps. However, the availability along with the speed of this particular DSL depends on the distance it covers from home to the service providers office.


The wireless broadband supposedly connects the internet through a radio link facility from the service provider to the user’s location. Wireless broadband is available in two types: mobile or fixed. This technology uses a long range equipment to provide directional broadband service in areas where cable modems or DSL services are expensive. Also, with a wireless broadband, the DSL and cable modems comparably have the same speeds for which they use external antennas.


Usually, satellites orbit the earth and provide necessary links for television services and telephonic services. At the same time, they are also able to provide links for broadband. This is another significant form of wireless broadband, which provides high-speed internet in remote or sparsely populated areas.

Satellite broadband has several factors that include downstream or upstream speeds along with a variety of services and packages the customer can choose from. But the speed of satellite broadband may be slower than other broadband types. Nevertheless, the internet access is consistent.

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