Gaming On iOS? Ensure Your Safeness While Doing It

Gaming On iOS? Ensure Your Safeness While Doing It
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When we talk about leisure activities, gamers are considered a minority, with netizens apparently enjoying online streaming and reading more, however, the numbers suggest otherwise. According to the statistics shared by Gamefid, by June 2022, the number of gamers worldwide was 3.24 billion. And that doesn’t stop there as the estimated figures for 2023 are estimated to touch the 3.81 billion mark.

Gamers use different types of devices to play their favorite games, such as PlayStation, Xbox, Windows PCs, and smartphones.

Due to their sturdy hardware and top-notch software and specs, iOS devices have become preferred devices for gamers to play games that they love.

Having said that, if you are gaming on iOS and looking to improve your gameplay, follow our tips below to ensure your safety while doing it.

However, most gamers aren’t aware of the fact that they are missing out on the best practices to keep their gaming experience safe. We suggest using iPhone VPNs to ensure your privacy and online security while playing games and have the best experience you can.

Keep Your Device Updated

Your entire system will continuously lag behind if your software is not updated regularly. Your iPhone will always require the most recent version or update to function at full capacity, the same as you experience with your Macbook, Windows PC, or gaming console that needs regular upgrades.

As soon as you install the updates, you’ll see a difference in your device’s performance. You will also have to update your game timely. Ensure that you activate the update if the developer provides any new features to overcome any bugs that lead to software issues.

Speed Up Your Internet Connection

Using a broadband service is just not sufficient for gaming because it demands a faster internet connection than surfing. Thus your internet speed is most likely the root of sluggish iPhone performance. To determine the number of Mbps on your network, perform the internet speed test.

For the majority of games, internet speed above 20Mbps ought to be enough. But the higher it is, the better. It’s still worthwhile to think about upgrading even if you’re just hitting this standard.

Get a VPN for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Using a VPN for iOS devices, or any device you are using is one of the finest methods to enhance your gaming experience. Internet service providers (ISP) frequently employ a method known as data throttling. They slow down your internet speed to a certain point to stop you from consuming huge amounts of data. You won’t enjoy playing your favorite games without delays since your games will lag.

Your ISP cannot monitor your activity if you use a VPN, though. They won’t be able to tamper with your access since they won’t know how much internet you’re consuming, offering you steady and dependable internet service.

Also, the best approach to protect your private information is by using a VPN on your iOS device. Your information will be encrypted, preventing unauthorized users from accessing your confidential documents and files. This way you can always be safe while playing games.

Frequently Backup Your Games

To save your games and their progress, users mostly use their hardware which is a normal practice. On the other hand, if anything were to go awry on your hardware, you may end up losing all of your game data and progress forever. To keep your progress and all the hard work secure, use an external storage device and frequently back up your games.

Use Nearest Servers

If your game prompts you to connect to a server, make sure you choose the one that is nearest to you. It will minimize Ping times. Avoid joining one abroad, if you want to avoid a highly difficult gaming experience.

Force Quit Background Apps

The fastest and simplest way to check if any app is running behind on your iOS device is to drag and hold the bottom of your screen. It is practical to double-check your background apps prior to launching a game because apps running in the background or auto updates in your App Store might result in significant lag.

Even if an app is currently operating and you don’t believe it will pose an issue, it’s always better to turn it off for the time being.

After you’ve finished playing, you can always run or download anything you want independently.

Minimize the Users on Your Network

If you’ve ever connected to public WiFi when there are many other users, you are well aware of how sluggish a connection may be.

Due to the overloading of your network, your internet connection will become sluggish as your bandwidth will be divided.

Keep secure your internet connection to yourself only. if not then at least when you are playing games. Even if your family members also use the WiFi, it may occasionally be worthwhile to request that they switch to cellular data and disable their WiFi connections just for gaming time.

Upgrade Your iOS Device

Even being an upscale device, if your iOS device is a decade old, it won’t provide you with the finest gaming experience. You might need to spend some money and purchase the latest iPhone because even pricey and dependable smartphones need to be upgraded once in a while. A new iPhone or iPad will undoubtedly result in higher gaming performance.

Get Yourself Comfortable

Comfort is the one element of online gaming that many people overlook. The side of your bed or rustic wooden chair is hardly a long-term solution. That is unless you would like to spend a couple of months at the physiotherapist’s office. To avoid this from happening, purchase a supportive and adjustable chair to make yourself pain-free and comfy.

Wrap Up!

We hope that by following our tips, you will be able to get the gaming experience of your lifetime. Your games will respond better and you will get faster gameplay. Moreover, by taking safety measures like using a VPN app for your iOS device, your gaming experience will be safer than ever!

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