7 Most Popular Tech Majors in 2023

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One of the most common problems among school or college graduates is choosing which further path to follow. Indeed, sometimes one`s preferences are different from the current trends in the job market. In such a case, one faces a difficult choice: devoting oneself to the favorite sphere or focusing on something profitable.

Nowadays, people no longer doubt that the future belongs to technology. Robots and artificial intelligence are penetrating our daily lives step by step. Thus, in order not to be substituted by a machine, one needs to choose a job carefully. Of course, one of the most promising spheres is information technology as well as all its branches.

Just think of a large number of benefits technology brings into your life. You no longer need to worry about lack of information, wasting time on household chores, and even doing your homework. Indeed, today one may buy essay papers in a few seconds just by making some clicks on the keyboard. Thus, why not get involved in the area which opens up so many opportunities? Below you will find out about the most popular tech majors in 2023.

Web Development

This occupation is popular not only among people interested in technology but rather among everyone who uses the internet. It is because of the work of web developers that we can use websites and enjoy their design and convenience. Thus, a web developer is usually considered a programmer who can work both on the client-side and the server-side.

A universal programmer who can make a project from scratch, and understands databases, server configuration, and security, is called a Full Stack Web Developer. More narrow specialists are Backend Web Developer and Frontend Web Developer.

Moreover, a person taking a major in Web Development can find a bunch of other profitable jobs related to this sphere. The top three occupations look like this:

  • SEO specialist. It is a master whose task is to optimize the site for its rapid promotion in the list of queries provided to the user by search engines.
  • A web analyst. It is a specialist who analyzes information about the operation of a web resource, searches for errors in its settings, and makes recommendations for correcting them.
  • A web auditor is an expert who checks the pages of web projects in search of errors.

Web Design

Remember the very first paragraph in this article? It deals with the choice between a passion and a profitable profession. Sometimes people want to connect their work with art which is often a very low-paid sphere. But who told you that technology is only about boring sets of figures and numbers?

The design refutes this claim. Being quite specific and technical, this professional area leaves a lot of room for the realization of the most interesting creative ideas. So, we are talking about web design specialists engaged in designing pages of Internet resources, layout, and control of the general appearance of content.

Web Design

Computer Engineering

This specialty is related to computer hardware and must be backed by strong skills in programming. The functional responsibilities of a bachelor of CE cover a wide range of scientific, technical, and industrial activities. From maintenance of computer systems to the conduct of research, the object of which is computer hardware and software. Indeed, this major opens up a lot of job opportunities which are the following:

  • software developer;
  • software engineer;
  • network administrator;
  • system administrator;
  • system programmer;
  • systems analyst;
  • backend developer;
  • designer of computer systems and networks;
  • computer systems and networks analyst;
  • data scientist;
  • database administrator;
  • security administrator;
  • systems engineer.

Internet Marketing

The profession of a marketer is currently considered one of the most prestigious and promising. The major in Internet Marketing combines educational components of both marketing and computer technology. These are Digital Marketing, Copywriting, Branding, Innovation Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, Internet Advertising, Neuromarketing, Content Marketing, and SMM. It means that this major covers a bunch of various areas. Among these, one can definitely find the sphere which is the most exciting.

Internet of Things

Many people have probably heard of the Internet of Things (IoT). But have you thought about where exactly this technology is used in real life? Creating smart homes is one of the most popular and promising areas of the Internet of Things. Apart from that, we can talk about IoT in agriculture, healthcare, retail, transport, etc. So, if you are interested in incorporating the internet into different spheres of life and making people’s lives a bit easier, this major is for you.

Internet of Things

VR Architecture

Virtual reality is also a reality, and the market needs people who know how to work with it. Moreover, the list of industries covered by this major is practically unlimited. Elements of three-dimensional graphics (VR architects are engaged in it) are currently used in the automotive industry, construction, trade, and service sectors.

Apart from that, it is worth highlighting jobs such as a 3D animator and an organizer of virtual tours. Both professional areas are in huge and growing demand. Thus, they are attractive to those who are just deciding on their future field of work.

Game Developer

Gaming today is not the same as it was a few years ago. Nowadays, it is even considered to be a sport if we talk about cyber competitions. Both mobile and computer games have already grown into a full-fledged industry. It has its own rules, marketing, and technical standards. There exist many work options for those engaged in this industry:

  • game designer;
  • developer;
  • tester;
  • marketer;
  • manager;
  • auditor.

Taking up a major in-game development means one will acquire many skills which are indispensable for technology specialists.

These are basics of video game development, basics of game design, teamwork skills to create great products, basics of coding, skills of proper time planning and workflow organization, and skills to use the most popular gaming programs – Flash, Unity 3D, and Photoshop.

Final Words

Choosing a major is a crucial step in one’s life. It requires not only following the call of the heart but also considering every detail and perspective. The sphere of technology is so diverse that it covers both accurate and creative occupations. Thus, if you are to take up a major in 2022, it is recommended to think of engaging in the tech sphere.

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