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In the time of coronavirus, working from home is the new normal. It has served a lot of benefits both for the employees and the employer. There are cuts in electricity costs. There’s a reduction in the daily expenses on the part of the employee. And then there’s the fact that everybody is way safer in their own houses. But just like any other thing, working from home has the employer in constant fear of whether or not their employees are actually working. Good thing, there is a software Time Doctor.

About Time Doctor

One of the top employee tracking solutions, Time Doctor is a program that has advanced time tracking and attendance features. It is ideal for freelancers who wish to improve their productivity and employers who want to monitor the way their employees use their time at work, whether they are remote or in-office.

How Does Time Doctor Work?

Time Doctor is able to give its users data on what their tracked subjects did, from the websites they visited and the apps they used while at work. Aside from time tracking, it is also able to provide screenshot recording, reminders, invoicing, reporting tools, and more.

Here’s an overview of how to use Time Doctor and the many benefits the software offers to its users:

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1. Time Tracking

Accurate time tracking is the main benefit Time Doctor boasts. It gives employees an option to manage their time more effectively, which results in improved efficiency and increased productivity. The manager, on the other hand, is given the ability to monitor the workforce, from their browsing history to the time they spent on each task, giving them enough information that they can use to create new work policies and impose changes on how their employees do their job.

2. Silent and Interactive Version

Time Doctor comes in two forms: the silent and the interactive version. The silent version runs in the background in complete silence, to the point that the user can’t even see it or know whether or not it’s running. It tracks the employee’s activities within the entire shift and sends the same data to their manager. The interactive version basically does the same thing, only that the user has the option to turn it on and off. It tracks the same activities, but the employee is given the ability to stop the tracker and turn it back on as they please.

3. Reminders

This feature helps the user be more productive. Time Doctor sends alerts on occasions like you have stayed idle for too long or when you’ve been spending too much time on non-work-related apps or websites. It also sends an alert when you’ve already started working but forgot to start the tracker.

4. Screenshot Recording

If enabled, this feature takes a shot of the user’s screen including mouse and keyboard activity indicator at a given interval, which the manager can customize. These shots show what the employee exactly did on which website. This decreases the possibility of the tracked user to do non-work-related and time-consuming online activities. Should suspicions arise, these screenshots can be used to hold the user accountable for their actions, encouraging employees to avoid doing something that is useless and undesirable to the eyes of their employer.

The user need not worry about privacy breach, as this feature only works within the tracked time. The employee also has the option to delete any screenshot that they deem too private for their employer to see.

5. Security

All the information Time Doctor has gathered is all secured with an SSL encryption, which is then encrypted with another layer of security. So the managers and the employees do not need to fret over a possible leak of confidential data.

Pros and Cons of Time Doctor


  • Accurate time tracking
  • Screenshot capture and recording
  • Security features
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Client access
  • GPS tracking
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable


  • Lacks the ability to monitor multiple tasks
  • Doesn’t allow IP address restrictions
  • Doesn’t provide advanced tracking
  • Requires a Chrome extension to use the stopwatch feature


With its accurate time tracking feature and security features, Time Doctor is a decent employee tracking software. It is simple and affordable, so if you want something that can do its job without having to shell out much, then Time Doctor is the program for you.

What other productivity software applications do you use? Let us know in the comments!

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