What is Nextcloud?

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Nextcloud is an open-source offering that was created in 2016. Its original design code has since been made publicly available to users. This means anyone can modify and enhance it according to their preferences. This software function allows users to manage their own personal cloud storage service.

Nextcloud was spun off the OwnCloud project due to licensing and other disagreements. These two have so much in common, and most of their basic capabilities are identical. However, Nextcloud is considered a better option due to the following reasons:

  • All of Nextcloud’s components are free. That’s not the case with Own
  • In terms of the long-term roadmap, Nextcloud is more focused on the expansion of direct user-to-user communication, while OwnCloud appears to be more focused on corporate customers.

How to Use Nextcloud?

The Nextcloud server software may be downloaded and installed freely on Linux only. If you want to use the Nextcloud client software, you can install it on Linux, Windows, and OS X. The software is also available as a mobile app for iOS and Android users.

In its simplest form, Nextcloud may be used as a free alternative to services like Dropbox and iCloud. Users can easily set it up on the internet, and they can also access their stored data and share it with their friends if they wish to. However, that isn’t all that Nextcloud is limited to – it can do so much more.

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Nextcloud not only provides users with a container to store their files. It also allows them to share files or entire folders with whoever they like just by sharing a link. This process doesn’t require a password. The Nextcloud admin can also either block single apps/extensions from sharing data or only limit the sharing of files to few users.

Nextcloud Pros and Cons


  • An open-source platform
  • Highly flexible
  • Has innumerable features


  • Can be a little clunky
  • Take a while to implement
  • Backups are a personal responsibility

Nextcloud Installation

You at least need basic Linux administration skills to install the program, as well as some patience and familiarity with the command line. The Nextcloud installation process is quite lengthy and complex, but once you’re done, you’ll realize that it was worth every moment. After the installation, you may use Nextcloud to store any type of data, even the sensitive documents.

The real power of Nextcloud is in its applications. These additional extensions provide users with numerous additional functions.

Nextcloud Review

Let us take a look at some of the aspects that make Nextcloud a great platform for integrating all online services:

Nextcloud Features

This software is intended to offer an entirely custom-tailored private cloud solution to anyone who needs it. Users have the opportunity to put together a more customized solution that will handle their files, contacts, and calendars.

The Nextcloud Files feature allows files to be synced from computers and smartphones, then be shared between a team.

The Nextcloud Talk feature allows users to chat and engage in virtual meetings like Skype, Zoom, and other web-collaboration tools.

Nextcloud also has an online office suite that has a whole lot of integration tools such as Outlook and SharePoint.

Nextcloud Security

Nextcloud is largely a self-hosted platform unless you’re working with a provider. This loosely means that the security protections are partly up to you. According to many, this is one of the most secure cloud storage solutions as long as you know what you’re doing. If you need any type of help, the Nextcloud customer support is more than willing to help.

Overall, this platform offers its users a very secure model where they can encrypt their files if they wish. Biometric authentification and two-factor authentification are included. One of the main reasons why people choose Nextcloud is because their data and files are relatively secure.

Nextcloud Deals

One thing that sets Nextcloud apart from other cloud storage providers is that it takes an open-source approach. This is the best deal that users could ask for. The users can self-host if they need to or work with a Nextcloud provider if they feel that it’s more convenient.

Nextcloud Interface

As soon as users sign up, they gain access to a wide range of functionalities via a rich web interface. The interface is slick and responsive and allows users to see, share, and edit files.

The platform keeps a complete log of all your activities, making it easy for you to retrace your steps easily in case you need to.

Nextcloud Pricing

Since Nextcloud is an open-source platform, users can install and register free of charge. However, they’ll need to pay the cost of their own storage. How much storage is available to the users is entirely up to them and is dictated by their budget – they choose what they’re in a position to pay for.

Premium plans start at about 2,100 USD annually for 50 people.


This platform offers its users all features that you can get from other cloud storage tools at only a fraction of the price. What makes it even better is that it offers the flexibility of self-hosting and gives you extra security and privacy options.

If you need a tool that strongly stands out from the rest, then Nextcloud is exactly what you need.

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