What is LifeLock?

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LifeLock is an identity theft protection service that watches over your identity to make sure that your personal information like credit details, bank statements, and public records don’t show up where they should not. In today’s world, identity theft has become a nuisance, and a huge part of this may be attributed to technological developments that allow users to carry out most of their transactions online. With that in mind, it makes sense to spare a couple of dollars a month to protect yourself from this nightmare.

Some LifeLock alternatives are Identity Guard, Trusted ID, IdentityForce, and Credit Karma. Always read the company’s policies before signing up.

How Does LifeLock Work?

This service offers a wealth of resources to users to protect them from any kind of information loss. Wondering how to use LifeLock? Let us have a look at how this comprehensive identity theft service works.

To register, you need to be residing in the United States and be over the age of 18. You’ll be required to provide your first and last name, phone number, date of birth, email address, physical address, and your Social Security number. Lastly, you will need to furnish a credit card and a valid driver’s license, then create a unique username and password.

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LifeLock monitors your credit files for any sign of identity theft and notifies you if any potential issues are detected. The service checks for uses of your personal identifying information such as your Social Security number online. If you are a victim of identity theft, they help you recover by reimbursing the stolen funds, depending on the plan you have subscribed to. LifeLock monthly plans are:

  • LifeLock Standard – $9.99 p.m
  • LifeLock Advantage – $19.99 p.m
  • LifeLock Ultimate Plus – $29.99 p.m

However, we understand that not everyone can afford this kind of insurance. If you cannot afford to pay for LifeLock, here are some theft protection activities that you can do on your own:

  • Activate the activity alerts so that you can get notifications sent to you. This will make it easy for you to be alerted of any suspicious activities giving you a better chance to salvage the situation.
  • Always check your credit accounts. Go through your financial statements carefully.
  • Keep track of any changes to your credit score.
  • Monitor your credit report

Is LifeLock Worth It?

Just like other products and services that you pay for, you must know exactly what you’re getting yourself into before committing your money. The last thing anyone wants to do is spend their money on something only for it to disappoint later on.

Let us look at a list of the main LifeLock features:

  • Credit Card Monitoring
  • Dark Web Surveillance
  • Lost Wallet Protection
  • USPS Address Change Verification
  • Credit Card Checking and Savings Account Activity Alerts
  • Reimbursement of stolen funds
  • Data Breach Notifications
  • Court Records Scanning
  • Alerts for crimes committed in your name

LifeLock Pros and Cons

According to the LifeLock reviews gotten from its users since it was founded in 2005, LifeLock has generally received high marks for the services offered. Let us have a look at the pros and cons, and then we’ll leave it to you to decide whether LifeLock is worth it or not.


  • 24/7 customer service
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Protects you if your information is vulnerable
  • Eliminates the need to freeze your credit
  • Some of the features offered like dark web monitoring are difficult to do alone
  • Saves you time if you’re too busy to do these activities
  • Once your identity has been compromised, they walk with you every step of the way


  • Cost is a concern
  • The monthly subscription fee increases after the first year
  • Full family coverage is expensive
  • Only covers individuals and not businesses
  • Sometimes, legitimate activity may trigger the detection of suspicious activity
  • The restoration only happens during business hours which may hinder the response

Final Verdict

LifeLock is a very important service that we all need in our lives. It is worth the cost if you have any security concerns and cannot monitor your credit on your own. Also, if you would rather not freeze your credit, subscribe to LifeLock to help you detect any problems and bounce right back after you’ve been a victim.

If you are not inclined to save hundreds of dollars annually to protect your information from theft, you could put preventative measures to safeguard your personal information. To do so, apply a security freeze on your credit bureau files and set up free transaction alerts for all your accounts. This way, you’ll keep track of your money through email.

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