What is Glary Utilities?

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What if a tool promised all-in-one cleaning tools for your PC, would you use it? Well, as with all the decisions we do in life, we have to be extra careful. Every decision we make in life has a corresponding consequence, although, for a PC cleaning tool, the impact is indirect.

In this article, we aim to examine the features, pros, and cons of one popular all-in-one utility for PC cleaning: Glary Utilities.

About Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities claims to be an all-in-one PC cleaning utility. In one download, you get all useful Windows-related tools. It scans and cleans your PC, removes temporary files, fixes broken files, resolves issues, and gets rid of junk files. But is it really worth it? What else can it do?

What Can Glary Utilities Do?

Like other PC repair tools, Glary Utilities has many features that it would be quite overwhelming to list them below. However, we’ll try to cover those that matter in this unbiased Glary Utilities review. Here you go:

Pro Tip: Run a dedicated PC optimization tool to get rid of incorrect settings, junk files, harmful apps, and security threats that can cause system issues or slow performance.

Free Scan for PC Issues
Compatible with: Windows 10/11, Windows 7, Windows 8

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1-Click Maintenance

As the name of the feature suggests, it maintains various aspects of your PC in just one click. It fixes broken registry keys and shortcuts, removes spyware, fixes hard disk issues, cleans up temporary files, and even erase browser data.

Windows Registry Maintenance

This tool also allows you to perform some Windows Registry tasks, such as defragmenting drives, repairing and restoring erroneous registry keys, and backing up files.

System Tools

This allows users to do different system-level tasks, including manage startup programs, repair problematic system files, back up Windows, and manage processes and services.

File Management

Glary Utilities has file management features that allow you to perform file management tasks like remove duplicate files, split files, analyze disk space, restore deleted files, and encrypt or decrypt files.

Driver Management

This tool’s suite allows you to manage, update, uninstall, restore, and back up drivers, too. This is extremely important to ensure your PC functions properly.

Program Management

You can also manage your programs with Glary Utilities as it allows you to uninstall or update them.

Is It Safe to Use?

Yes, it is safe, as long as you download the legitimate tool. But as a powerful tool with tons of features, it is also quite scary to use. The improper use of one feature will only cause more problems than fixes. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you understand what each feature does, so you don’t worsen the situation.

If you want to boost security and safety, we suggest that you use Glary Utilities along with an anti-malware program. This program can identify and remove the toughest malware entities out there. With it on your PC, you can rest easy that nothing harmless will penetrate your system.

Pros and Cons of Glary Utilities

At this point, there is no obvious advantage and disadvantage that we can mention about Glary Utilities. But according to users, its biggest advantage against its competitors is the fact that it effectively improves PC performance. Its downside is that it does not really improve the browsing experience.


Glary Utilities is a great PC cleaning tool that offers a multitude of handy features. If you are the type of person who pays more importance to features and functions, then this tool is a must-try. But if you are not that tech-savvy, you might not enjoy this tool because the user interface is a bit chaotic.

Don’t worry if you don’t find this tool interesting or beneficial. There are other existing alternatives out there. A quick search on Google will provide you with a list of options.

Have you installed Glary Utilities, too? Let us know what features you like. Comment below!

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