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If you are into geeky details and features, then Clario antivirus isn’t for you. This security tool, currently available to macOS as well as mobile users, delivers the basic defense required to keep your system safe from various malware attacks. Simplicity is the norm when it comes to this new Clario antivirus app which delivers a personalized, and easy-to-use interface complemented by a straightforward subscription plan. Nothing is complicated with this app, thanks to its jargon-free platform.

The reason why we buy security tools is to keep our sensitive data safe and not to worry about someone intercepting our online transactions. If a security app promises to cover these basic needs, then it is worth considering. That’s the reason why Clario is our candidate for this article.

Mac systems have been lauded for their secure nature to an extent that some think it doesn’t need any preservation app. Unfortunately, it’s no longer as simple as before. Because of the ever-evolving technology, cybercriminals are able to expand their skill base in attacks. Thus, although it is rare for a Mac system to be penetrated by something foreign, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay prepared for the unknown. With that said, Mac users need to take this article seriously as no one is safe without any protective trusted software.

Clario gives consumers something they have been longing, a combination of human intelligence that is on-demand with high-end protection measures. To top that, the app comes with in-built Live Chat support that is always on standby to assist. When connected to the support agent, you can see their picture on display as well as ratings by other app users portraying the agent’s performance. This gives a more personalized experience than most of the Live Chats currently in the market.

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How to Use Clario?

Clario is an app designed to serve modern clientele. Meaning, to use it; you must be on Sierra 10.12 or a later version. Clario has a calmer surface featuring an aquamarine-purplish color theme compared to the usual reds and yellows. On the dashboard, the user gains a sense of control as the app keeps updating whether or not everything is okay. There are also links that direct to browser protection as well as identity monitoring.

When a threat is detected, the alert comes in simple English explaining the nature of the threat. For more information, users can also get connected to a representative on board. Although Clario is new in the industry, it receives an excellent backing from Bitdefender when it comes to threat detection.

Apart from being an antivirus tool, Clario goes beyond the industry standard to monitor a user’s financial accounts, scanning for threats in your passwords as well as SSN breaches. It also recommends changes to system configurations that might weaken your strength.

To start using Clario, you need to first download from their official website just like you would with any other antivirus tool. Create an account, then choose between purchasing the subscription plan or a 7-day trial period. While installing the product, you will be watching the faces of happy and safe clients. Also, during the installation process, you get introduced to the service’s team members as a promise that you will always be in touch with real agents as opposed to chatbots.

The next phase is highlighted by an interactive quiz related to your five areas of concerns, such as your identity online, internet browsing, devices, finances, secure network connections, data, and many more. Each page comes with a different topic and you are allowed to check between two and five responses which will be taken into consideration when Clario configures the app to give personalized protection. It gets even more personal when Clario helps you conversationally configure the app.

Extra Level of Protection

Frankly, most top-notch antiviruses offer the same level of high-end protection. It differs when it comes to the implementation of the process. As already established, Clario seems to be taking a different approach to everything, in an attempt to standout. Are they succeeding? Well, to a certain extent. Clario gives users a series of recommendations to better the level of protection. By opening one of these series, you earn a school lesson on security.

Each lesson is offered as a piece of advice from Clario’s experts; whose picture and name will be shown. Go offer the lesson and take the recommended actions as you see fit. Once done, you can click on the I’m Done button. This will close the current lesson only to open the next. If not interested in the topic, there is a button for that, too.

We don’t know if the consumers find this measure useful or as just another boring attempt to uniqueness. But it does make an interesting presentation. The variety of topics is expansive, giving users a chance to expand their knowledge on how to better protect themselves.

Clario Antivirus

Clario antivirus may not be in your face but it is there. On the dashboard, you need to scroll down to see the full scan feature. A full system scan using Clario runs for about 15 minutes. Upon completion of the scan, it then displays a quarantine page where the results of the scan are displayed.

Although Windows malware is not able to execute on a Mac, this is one way they can be transferred to a Windows system. Therefore, Clario takes no chances and wipes out even malware meant for Windows operating systems.

Online protection is as good as you would expect. It’s great to have a tool that helps get rid of malicious programs from your computer. However, it is even more satisfying if the tool can prevent malware entities from reaching your system. Clario’s online browser extension keeps you away from malicious as well as fraudulent webpages. It also keeps advertisements suppressed, and earnestly blocks trackers.

Clario Pros and Cons


  • Comes with an unobtrusive VPN service powered by NordVPN
  • Scans for malware fast
  • On-board support service


  • There is no certification provided by an independent lab
  • Browser protection is for Chrome only
  • Mobile users don’t get a full package
  • Expensive compared to other trusted security tools

Clario Reviews

Is this the best macOS antivirus tool out there? Absolutely not, and for a good reason. Despite all the good talks mentioned above, this new kid on the block is yet to reach its epitome in the security industry. Moreover, its pricing is way above the average compared to well-established software security tools, considering that it doesn’t have certification from an independent lab. All presented facts considered, for macOS and mobile device users, it’s best to first try out the 7-day trial currently on offer. If it proves to be working for you, then you can cough out a whopping $149 per year for three license subscriptions.

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