What is AxCrypt Premium?

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Originally developed in Sweden, AxCrypt is one of the most reliable encryption software programs available in the free and premium version. It compresses, deletes, edits, and encrypts files for major operating systems such as Android, Microsoft Windows, macOS, and iOS.

The premium version of AxCrypt has extended functionality and features with regards to keeping your files safe and secure. The premium plan is inexpensive. Your files can be encrypted with AES-256, being the strongest and most robust encryption algorithm.

AxCrypt Premium provides you access to advance encryption features that are easy to use, whether it be on the desktop or mobile platforms. The availability of the software in all major platforms has allowed users to share their encrypted files in different devices, thus, making it very accessible for the wider audience.

It has a password management feature that enhances security protection, especially with your files. Its hacker-proof encryption power protects your file from being cracked or stolen. Since 2016, the software has become one of the most credible encryption tools ever available today.

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How to Use AxCrypt Premium?

AxCrypt installs very quickly. First, you need to sign in with your email address. You will receive a confirmation code sent to your email that verifies your account. In creating a master password, you need to make sure that it’s strong and memorable.

The software will classify your password according to its length and strength. What’s rated as a “good” password contains 16 characters, so it’s pretty much secure if you think of it. You can also use Password Management or Password Generator to keep your passwords secure. The premium subscription allows you to hide the names of your files and remove them promptly.

The process of securing your file is so easy and simple. Simply load the program and follow these basic procedures. You can start by selecting the file that you want to work on. You’ll know it’s already secured when the icon changes to a decrypt image. You can also drag a file to the AxCrypt window to secure them. Other than that, you can right-click on the selected file and choose the AxCrypt menu.

For premium users, an additional feature is available. You can share secured file keys without compromising your password. Simply choose the file and select the users where you intend to share the file to. If you wish to remove one’s access to your files, the process will take you no more than ten seconds to do so. Just click the file and unshare. It’s simple, fast, and secure.

Pros and Cons of AxCrypt Premium

Here are some of the pros and cons of AXCrypt Premium:


  • Availability of AES-256 encryption standard/algorithm
  • Encrypt important files
  • Advanced encryption
  • Has a password management feature
  • Easy to use
  • Use of public key cryptography
  • Generate passwords (memorable passwords)
  • Secure passwords
  • Edit encrypted files


  • If local security in PC is not ensured, the software can be very risky.
  • Some features are not available in FREE version
  • AES-256 is only available in premium subscription
  • Limited usage for FREE plans

AxCrypt Premium Review

Below are some factors that build up the accessibility and usage of AxCrypt Premium:

  • Availability – As AxCrypt Premium is handier, by being available in desktop and mobile platforms, it is just perfect to note its glaring yet opportunistic stand among encryption tools there is. It is available in Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. Wherever the users may be, securing their files is easier by taking advantage of the AxCrypt Premium.
  • Anonymous feature – Hiding file names is made possible through the anonymous file name feature of the software. This means that you can protect your file from others who are not allowed to see it. Other than that, the file wipe feature of the software will allow you to remove files safely. After deleting these files, there will no means to recover or retrieve it.
  • Key Sharing – If you are working on a secret project, the key sharing feature allows you to work with a limited number of users. This means that only allowed users can access the file without others to open it. This feature makes everything you work on secure and very private.

Why Use AxCrypt Premium?

Since its development in 2001, AxCrypt has been very useful in keeping or storing files in a secured platform. With its essential features, you can never go wrong with using AxCrypt. And what do you think of the best results you would be reaping if you choose to subscribe to its premium plan! But before doing so, understand and learn how it would help you in your privacy and keeping your projects or files protected.

Have you used AxCrypt Premium before? Share your experience in the comments!

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