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The term encryption refers to a way of encoding messages into a secret code. A decryption key has to be used to understand what’s being communicated. Modern encryption keys are nothing compared to the ciphers used in the past. The latter could be easily =cracked by simple means such as charting letter frequencies. On the other hand, cracking modern encryption algorithms is almost impossible and would take a long time.

Encryption is all around us. A lot of online mail services encrypt their messages to protect the end-users. Our phones are also encrypted to protect our personal information.

About Advanced Encryption Package

AEP is an award-winning feature-rich encryption software program that encrypts, decrypts, shreds, and makes zip files or sfx.exe files. It allows users to carry out secure file transfers, batch folder encryptions, send encrypted emails, as well as carry out encrypted backups in the cloud. The software works well with Windows 10/11, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

AEP gives users a very strong encryption and decryption key.

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Compatible with: Windows 10/11, Windows 7, Windows 8

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Advanced Encryption Standards (AES) is the United States’ government official encryption algorithm. This software is symmetric, meaning that a single key is used to encrypt and decrypt data. The key is then transmitted to the recipient separately but securely.

How to Use Advanced Encryption Package

AEP is neither the fastest encryption tool available, nor is it very easy to use. However, it comes with a couple of features that strengthen it.

To launch the program, you simply hit the Windows key on your keyboard and type the name “Advanced Encryption Package.” There is a folder tree on the main window. The folder has multiple host buttons and controls under it and to the right. The six controls are:

  • Encrypt – Encrypts files into executable files.
  • Decrypt – Encrypts files into executable files.
  • SFX – Encrypts files into executable files.
  • ZIP – Zips or unzips files.
  • Delete – Gets rid of unwanted files
  • Email – Protects your emails.

Underneath all these, there is a dock-able panel named “Encryption.” This, too, has several detailed options. The program also gives users the option to filter the file types that are shown. There is also a log that shows all the program’s recent activities.

It may take people quite a while before they can figure out what each of the controls and buttons does.

Advanced Encryption Package Pros and Cons

AEP has many benefits, like offering a robust encryption solution. However, it still falls short as compared to other similar software in the market. Here are some of its pros and cons:


  • Strong and solid encryption, with up to 20 encryption algorithms
  • Supports all types of common file types
  • Supports Public Key Encryption
  • Features a password-strength indicator
  • Files and folders get compressed when they’re encrypted, saving space on the hard disk
  • Encrypts text to and from the clipboard
  • Secure deletion
  • Command-line operation


  • Awkward interface – the appearance looks a bit dated
  • The program isn’t immediately intuitive to use
  • Lacks customer support
  • The password generator feature doesn’t work well

Advanced Encryption Package Review

The software’s interface is quite dated and looks a bit strange.

In terms of speed, the Advanced Encryption Package is not very fast and not very slow either. For example, the software will take approximately one minute to encrypt 128MB worth of files.

Let us have a look at some of the program’s features in detail:


A set of up to 20 different encryption algorithms are used to encrypt files, folders, and documents. You can use these algorithms to encrypt all common file formats and also choose to select a single file or the entire folder.

No master password opens all the encrypted files. Each file requires a unique password to unlock.

Security features

AEP features a file shredder that overwrites all the deleted files several times, making sure that the files can no longer be recovered.

If you fear that someone might record your keystrokes, use virtual keyboards when you’re typing passwords, then this prevents passwords from being copied. Also, there’s a password meter that shows whether or not the password you set is strong enough.

The program also allows users to clear their activity so that other users have no way of finding out that you used the software.

Ease of use

The encryption and decryption processes are quite easy even though the program itself is not as easy to use as compared to other encryption programs. A lot of users require a manual to figure out how it works.

Help & support

There is an online manual that gives all the step-by-step instructions you may need to carry out various tasks.

There is an email that is provided but doesn’t prove to be very resourceful. Their customer care and support services could do better!


Advanced Encryption Package is a software program that has been in the encryption business for many years. It works very well when it comes to encrypting files, folders, and emails to make sure that all your information is kept secure. Users can rest assured that their files are protected well. The program may not be as stylish-looking as others in the market, but it offers a lot of useful features that aid in its functioning and usability.

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