Why Should You Upgrade Your App From AngularJS to Angular

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Hello, my dear friends! Today we will talk about the benefits of Angular. If you use AngularJS, you must migrate from AngularJS to Angular. Why? Read that article and make a choice for the best framework.

What is AngularJS?

Before we talk about these two frameworks, let’s understand who is who. AngularJS has revolutionized frameworks that develop single-page applications (SPAs). Angular was released with the help of Google, which still supports it. And it was released in 2010 and since then there have been many new versions of AngularJS. The framework works with the help of JavaScript and is created for development of single-page web applications. What sets Angular apart is its ability to convert HTML to time series.

Let’s talk about disadvantages of AngularJS and you will understand why it is not the best version of the framework.

  1. JavaScript. Yes, although it is very convenient to work with JavaScript, but without it you will not be able to do anything at all in AngularJS. Therefore, there is a new problem – on many devices, the JS is not supported (yes, it sounds sad). Of course, there are no such problems on new laptops and computers, but if you take for example a teenager with an old laptop who wanted to learn AngularJS, and he simply does not run JavaScript. And the desire to learn something new disappears.
  2. Difficult for beginners. The structure of AngularJS is quite accessible, but when you first start to learn about this framework, you face many problems. Not everyone knows how to work with directives and dependencies at once (and this is a component of AngularJS code). In addition, there are tasks where it is impossible to solve them without the same directives, the developer begins to delve into their system, loses a lot of time (although of course it’s great when learning something new), but there is such a thing as a deadline. The customer usually clearly sets deadlines and does not want to wait longer than the specified time. Therefore, although the structure of AngularJS is available, there may be problems with many functions in the process.
  3. MVC. Not everyone knows how to work with it. It also takes a long time to understand the way of how the MVC works. True, most now have experience working with it, but more traditional developers face this problem. The bottom line is that you need to know what programs you need to know to work with AngularJS.
  4. Documentation for education. In fact, it is not so much compared to Angular. Beginners are really unlucky with this AngularJS in a way. However, studying it you will learn a lot, learn a lot of programs, and the more a developer knows the better. And since there is little documentation about AngularJS, programmers themselves have a lot to come up with a lot of time-consuming attempts.
  5. Glitches. The products created in AngularJS are dynamic, so without performance. The first attempts to start the program may cause crashes and delays.

What is Angular 10?

Angular 10 takes up less space than its predecessors. New features that have been added in this variety are improved date scope selection in Angular Material and alerts for importing CommonJS. The developers have also added a new feature – the replacement of ECMAScript batch modules when a bundle packed with CommonJS can lead to larger, slower programs.

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In addition, Angular 10 offers a more strategic configuration of the product when building a new space from ng new, through ng new–strict.

Enabling allows you to initialize a product with new settings for better error detection and additional program optimizations.

Advantages of Angular 10:

  1. Language service. The language service compiler can now use more than one type checking file using the product interface that creates ScriptInfos if needed. Also some of the HTML entities, such as &, <, etc are removed. This was done in order to protect the internal basis of the Angular LS functionality which is quite volatile in performance.
  2. Browser configuration. Old and unpopular browsers are now excluded from Angular 10. This is done to promote newer and more convenient browsers. Also, this update includes the side effect of disabling the ES5 build automatically for new products. To do this, the developer must add the required browsers to the .browserslist RC file. to enable ES5 builds and differential loading for browsers.
  3. Compiler update. The compiler was not upgraded either, in this version of Angular the developers added an interface for the compiler to wrap the actual ngtsc compiler. Namespaces have also been added so that properties and can be read. In addition to this dependency information, ng content selectors, Angular Language Service, have also been added to the metadata. It supports extending the exact cost range in the ExpressionBinding microsyntax expression to ParsedProperty, which in turn can extend the range to an AST template (both VE and Ivy).
  4. Ngcc. This feature has been added so that an entry point lookup program can be started based on a program that is created only to handle the entry points that the program defined by the tsconfig.json file will have the access. This feature catalyzes the process of dependencies with few entry points that are imported into the product. The normal package path and entry point can be left out of the file, so this helps to get rid of empty arrays.
  5. Improve productivity. This worked by reducing the volume of the entry point. And another plus is that the caching of dependencies takes place in the entry point manifest and the information comes from there, instead of doing calculations every time. What used to be done every time is that a crawler was instantiated and now it is done only when needed in TargetEntryPointFinder.
  6. Typescript 3.9. TypeScript is a language based on JavaScript, but with syntax for type declarations and annotations. This version of TypeScript, in addition to checking for errors, works with the compiler to structure, speeds everything up, and normalizes its operation.
  7. Localization. One of the best features in this version of Angular is the ability to merge multiple translation documents, while previous versions downloaded only one file. That is, developers can now combine document translations using a message ID. To do this, you must move the document as the most important to the first translation, and others to later.
  8. Router. The CanLoad security guard can now return to Urltree in corner version 10. The CanLoad guard returned by Urltree cancels state-of-the-art navigation and helps to redirect the data. This is consistent with the current behavior of the available CanActivate defenders, which are also apparently added.
  9. Core. All warnings will now be read as errors. This isn’t a bad feature, but it can play tools that expect nothing to be logged through console.error. This new version of Generic makes it mandatory for ModuleWithProviders to work with the Ivy compilation and rendering pipeline. This ensures that if the developer uses the View Engine, no build error is issued.
  10. Convert code to Ivy. All dependencies on Ivy from npm must be converted to Ivy dependencies, which should occur as a precursor to running ngtsc in the application. Next, all future compilation and binding operations must be done in the direction of transforming versions of dependencies.


In this article, I wrote the reasons why Angular is still better than AngularJS. I didn’t mean to convince everyone to forget about AngularJS and go to Angular 10. No, every framework is better at something. Now Angular 10 has all the possible features to create unsurpassed projects, but do not forget that a year or two and the new version will be even better than this. My advice – learn as much as possible, all versions of frameworks will be useful.

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