Teletrac Navman Review: Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

Teletrac Navman
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If you’re a business owner running a fleet of rental cars, taxis, or ride hailing vehicles, keeping track of each and every unit is a must — not only for the protection of the passenger, but for the safety of the drivers and vehicles as well. You have an idea where a specific unit is at a certain point in time and you can track them real-time. You’ll also be able to know the routes driven by each vehicle, which is very important in record-keeping.

There are several tracking software you can use to monitor your vehicles and track their daily routes, but one of the popular options is Teletrac Navman. This tool simplifies fleet management with real-time insights and powerful analytics, allowing fleet managers to run a more efficient and profitable fleet.

What is Teletrac Navman?

Teletrac Navman is a GPS fleet tracking system that streamlines the fleet management process using dedicated tools to visualize your fleet’s performance by looking at real-time alerts, easy-to-use dashboards, and detailed reports.

This cloud-based fleet management app was created by Teletrac Navman, a software company based in California, United States. It was designed to help business owners easily interpret data and safety analytics, enable location tracking, take advantage of driver-dispatcher communication, and manage compliance within one system. The software is available on connected mobile devices and can be used by both small businesses and national corporations.

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Here are some of the key features of Teletrac Navman:

  • Two-way messaging capabilities that provide communication and routing
  • A customizable control panel or dashboard for users to manage how they interact with their fleets
  • DOT-compliant electronic driver logs, which eliminates the need for paperwork
  • Safety analytics that monitor the driver’s behavior using metrics and dashboards
  • Vehicle diagnostics to help drivers fix problems before they become major headaches

Teletrac Navman caters for various industries, including construction, trucking, service, and government.

Teletrac Navman Pros and Cons

Decent User Interface

Teletrac Navman Director might not have a modern-looking or amazing user interface, but it does a good job of providing all the fleet information you need in a reasonably smooth user interface. When you open the dashboard, you’ll find that every page has different windows, where data is delivered in a plain-looking list format. It doesn’t look classy, in fact, it looks very outdated. However, it does deliver your information in a concise and easy to understand layout.

It may not be the most attractive tracking app in the market today, but it lays out all that you need to know in clear, modern fonts, and easy-to-read format. There are several tabs in the top menu of the home page, so you can easily access the information that you need. The tabs include the Messaging module and Reports and Hours of Service (HOS). The HoS allows you to stay compliant with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA regulations all the time. The pages also load pretty fast, considering the fact that it is constantly updating real-time data on your vehicles.

Pricing and Plans

Teletrac Navman does not indicate the price of its packages on the website. Like other fleet management software developers, the company prefers its customers to directly contact them for a quote, since pricing varies on a lot of factors, including the solution the user wants to avail, contract length, and other specific business requirements.

However, according to other Teletrac Navman reviews, the price for the Director solution is $30 per vehicle per month and the price can go up to $100 per vehicle per month depending on the size of your fleet. There is also a minimum contract length of three years, which is the industry standard. So if you’re looking for minimal commitment, Teletrac Navman is not for you. You also need to have a minimum of three vehicles to be eligible to sign up for Teletrac Navman’s service.

Teletrac Navman offers three different tiers of subscription listed on the website, which are:

  • Essential – Fit for smaller fleets because it includes basic features such as GPS tracking, standard reporting, a maintenance module, and flexible hardware solutions.
  • Professional – If you want a comprehensive fleet management solution, this plan is perfect for your needs. This tier includes features, such as high-definition GPS tracking, safety analytics, advanced analytics, sensors, an integrated dashboard camera, and a compliance suite (ELD/IFTA/ DVIR). Plus, you also get all the benefits included under the Essential plan.
  • Enterprise – This plan is designed for businesses looking for a more tailored solution. It can cater for fleet sizes with more than 1,000 vehicles. Aside from enjoying all the benefits of the Professional and Essential tiers, users also get a dedicated account manager, professional services support, custom integrations, as well as custom analytics and dashboards.


Teletrac Navman offers specific solutions for each business by identifying their goals and offering suitable telematics solutions to achieve these goals. Teletrac Navman is equipped with various features and the user can easily customize the plan, adding or removing features based on the client’s goals.

Here are some of the key features of Teletrac Navman:

  • Fleet Tracking – This basic feature of the fleet management solution is undertaken by the Teletrac Navman Director. This tool allows fleet managers to monitor their assets in real-time, improving efficiency and productivity of the fleet. This fleet tracking feature displays the vehicle’s location, provides activity reports, including driver behavioral reports, which are critical for the safety and upkeep of the unit.

Teletrac Navman’s Director also facilitates two-way messaging between the operator and the driver and the manager, which helps in giving real-time feedback whenever there are incidents, sharing critical information about route changes, giving out instant alerts on fuel consumption, and monitoring vehicle analytics.

This software is also integrated with Google Maps, which most drivers and users are used to working with. You can even see the actual Google Street photos of the actual location of the vehicle. However, when the weather is bad, you might experience some glitches with the GPS system.

  • Compliance – Your drivers won’t have to worry about any roadside inspection because Teletrac Navman Director ensures instant access to Hours of Service (HoS), DVIR, ELD, and IFTA data on the driver’s tablet, which is synced to the cloud. This minimizes the need for paperwork and ensures compliance with local regulations at all times.
  • Driver Safety – This program also allows you to know how well (or how bad) your drivers are on the road. Based on the data gathered from various on-board sensors, the dashcam feed, and other factors, the system generates reports highlighting dangerous behaviors, such as harsh braking, sharp turns, speeding, use of phones while driving, as well as any traffic or compliance violations. These reports allow operators to provide relevant coaching to the drivers or commend them for good performance.
  • Maintenance and Fuel – Teletrac Navman Director has a maintenance module designed to ensure that units spend more time being profitable than being idle. It has real-time engine diagnostics, idling reports, and fuel usage monitoring, so you can easily track the vehicle’s health and issues are looked at before they become real problems. You can also schedule preventive maintenance in advance to avoid unexpected repair costs.
  • Reports – One of the advantages of Teletrac Navman Director is that it has a lot of reports with detailed insights. These reports are easily accessible using your customized dashboard, so you can quickly make informed decisions and real-time performance assessments of your fleet.


Teletrac Navman provides excellent support through its various channels. Aside from the traditional phone and email support, you can also take advantage of various training materials online, such as webinars, videos, guides and others, to understand more how the system works. You can also reach out to the support team using the company’s social media accounts.

How to Use Teletrac Navman

Setting up your Teletrac Navman Director is a lot easier using the guides on the system. For example, if you need to add a new user or new carrier settings, just click the Show me How button located at the top of the screen to get a guided tour of what you need to do. This software might be overwhelming for those who are new to fleet management systems, so this guide helps a lot in navigating through the unfamiliar Teletrac Navman Director. Every vehicle is tied to a diagnostic device tracker, and adding them to the system is quite a hassle. Setting up Teletrac Navman is not as easy as other competitors in the market, but it does its job right.

Summing Up

Teletrac Navman may not have the most modern look and setting it up might be more cumbersome compared to other fleet management software, but it is packed with a lot of features that makes the pain of setting up all worth it in the end.

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