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Today, as video conferencing is gaining momentum, the healthcare sector doesn’t want to be left out. Teleconferencing has become significantly important in telecare or telehealth. Most healthcare organizations and practitioners are now beginning to adopt teleconferencing tools and integrate them into their systems. One such tool is the Poly Healthcare Solutions.

If you are wondering how effective Poly Healthcare Solutions is, we’ve put up this review to help you understand. You be the judge!

What is Poly Healthcare Solutions?

Poly is the short form name for the former Polycom, an American multinational corporation.

Poly Healthcare Solutions offers a powerful professional video platform with multiple potential uses in the healthcare industry. It delivers quality audio and video experience to power connections and collaboration efforts between patients and clinicians, which then lifts people’s health.

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Today, Poly Healthcare Solutions boasts of supporting over 25,000 patient encounters every month worldwide – saving money, and most importantly, time, and lives. It is now the largest healthcare video platform.

Review of Features of Poly Healthcare Solutions

The healthcare and telecare environments have several unique, exclusive needs as far as video conferencing is concerned, from telemedicine to organizational administration to staff communication and from day-to-day corporate business to continuing medical education (CME). Poly has positioned itself uniquely to deliver quality, end-to-end audio, and video communications experiences.

Telehealth security is important to protect patient health information (PHI) and data. Boasting of plentiful experience in telehealth, Poly has mastered the art of securing telehealth equipment.

Unlike its competitor platforms, Poly takes approaches to telehealth and video conferencing differently. They sell the hardware and then strive to support it to ensure that its video solution is integrated into the EHR or other telehealth platforms. This enables the video conference to be saved for future reference, anywhere as the provider chooses.

Poly offers expanded patient care. With Poly Healthcare Solutions, geography no longer limits the level of care a patient can receive or a healthcare organization can provide. This platform enables patients to connect with clinicians for virtual visits and remote conferencing from routine follow-ups to urgent care. Poly Healthcare Solutions integrates seamlessly into the EHR systems and cloud service providers while delivering clear audio and video performance.

Another area of Poly’s interest is enhanced medical education. Medical professionals always have continuing education in collaboration to improve patient care. Again, like remote conferencing, Poly’s video conference platform tool can apply to CME conferences called ‘Virtual home days.’ This can help to fulfill a doctor’s residency requirements of weekly collaboration during rotation at different hospitals for training and educational experiences. The residents can install the Poly hardware on any video platform to enable them participate in these conferences.

Improved healthcare administration is also a key focus area of Poly Healthcare Solutions. Organizations need to make better business decisions for the benefit of the staff, patients, and general organizational management. The use of Poly’s communication tools brings medical practitioners together from the field, medical facilities, or home, and improve their collaboration. It supports the power of human commotion to enhance efficiency, productivity, and understanding.

How to Use Poly Healthcare Solutions

Poly is run as a SaaS through a PC or a Mac. It is also compatble with iOS and Windows smartphones.

Poly provides a communication platform, including particular hardware solutions. With it, users can enjoy consistent video and audio quality, instead of relying on built-in audio or video capabilities for smartphones or laptops, often with lower quality components.

Users need to integrate these hardware devices into their already existing platforms and use Poly’s capabilities to achieve their conferencing goals. Poly sells the hardware as a whole and not subscription-based, which is different from what other industry players do.

Poly offers support through a few modalities. First, they have a Knowledge Base, where users can actually search for “Knowledge, Solutions and Answers.” Unlike the basic features standard in the market across the industry, Poly’s Knowledge Base is specific to every equipment. For instance, “Can you use Trio 8800 & Visual+ for Microsoft Teams video calls?”

Another support is through the phone. Poly has toll free support numbers designated by regions.

Lastly, they have a support portal where users can enter issues and other opening cases. This support also includes periodic security advisories and bulletins that provide best practices for keeping devices secure.

However, they don’t have any options for chats or email support, or any online forum or community to assist users.

Poly Healthcare Solutions Pros and Cons

Poly offers a powerful video conferring platform with multiple potential applications and uses in healthcare. However, like all other applications, it has some shortcomings. Here are its pros and cons:


  • It works with major platforms.
  • It provides professional video and audio quality.
  • It has a toll-free support (phone).
  • It has advanced applications.
  • It has improved capabilities in video conferencing.


  • It is an expensive service.
  • There are limited support options that lack email and chat.
  • There are multiple negative reviews on its social media pages.


Poly offers one of the best enterprise video conferencing solutions that support telehealth. It is compatible with multiple platforms and provides safety and security for HIPAA compliance. Though trying hard, Poly falls short on post-purchase support. Compared to other providers, Poly products are expensive overall. Poly is more suitable to large, stable, self-sufficient organizations.

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