How to Utilize WhatsApp on Desktop

Whatsapp Chat Screen

WhatsApp currently has more than 500 million daily active users. While most of them access this instant messaging platform from their mobile devices, others prefer to use it on a computer.

Now, if you are using WhatsApp on a computer, then this is a good read. We have created this review of WhatsApp on desktop computers, hoping to share with you some relevant information that you may or may not know yet. So, here you go.

About WhatsApp on Desktop

It was in 2015 when WhatsApp on Desktop was introduced. However, many are still unaware of its many features. Perhaps, they were tucked away somewhere that isn’t really noticeable.

But the good news is that it is easy to find and use all these features. As long as you have a WhatsApp account, then you can enjoy all of them.

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Assuming that you already have the desktop app installed on your device, read on to know how to make the most of your WhatsApp experience.

How to Change Your Profile Photo

There are three ways to change your profile photo on the WhatsApp desktop app. You can click on your profile picture, navigate to the WhatsApp tab and choose Profile and Status, or go to the WhatsApp menu.

To change your profile photo, click on your picture. If you want to update your status as well, simply click on the Pencil icon. Should you wish to take a new photo with your webcam, click Take Photo from the drop-down menu and choose Upload Photo.

How to Start a New Chat

The WhatsApp desktop app is similar to the app you use on your smartphone. This means it is easy to start a new chat here.

Just go to the WhatsApp tab and choose New Chat/New Group. You can also go to Menu and click New Group.

How to Change the Chat Settings

To change the chat settings on the desktop app, open a chatbox and click on the three-dot menu beside it. You can then select messages, check the participant’s contact information, mute the chat, or delete certain messages.

How to Send Files

Although the smartphone and desktop apps are a bit similar, there are some features that may be available on one version but not on the other. For instance, in the desktop app, you can only send videos, documents, or images. However, for the smartphone app, you can send images, videos, contact information, documents, and audio files.

How to Archive Chats

This is a feature that is unique to the desktop app. Simply open the chat window and go to the Chat tab. Click Archive and that’s it! The entire chat should then be archived. Don’t worry because you can easily view all archived chats from the menu.

WhatsApp Desktop vs WhatsApp Web: Which Is Better?

If you are already accustomed to the robust WhatsApp app, then WhatsApp Desktop is the best option for you. It supports various keyboard shortcuts while chatting. It also has notifications that may be sent directly to the desktop.

Now, if you are completely new to the program, then WhatsApp Web is the best option for you. Simply log in to your account via the WhatsApp website and you can start chatting all day! Your messages will appear instantly, regardless of the computer you use and no matter where you are located.

So, which of the two versions is better? Well, it depends on you. After all, both versions allow you to send photos and other types of files.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, WhatsApp is an amazing chat app that is packed with a plethora of features. Hopefully, this WhatsApp on desktop review has been of great use to use.

To ensure you enjoy WhatsApp the same way you did with the smartphone version, make sure you download and install a trusted anti-malware tool that will keep viruses and other malicious entities from affecting your chat experience. You can also optimize your computer with a PC repair tool. This will remove any junk files that make your PC’s performance slow.

If you have anything to add or you have questions to ask, feel free to comment below!

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