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Torrenting is fun. Not only is it a great way to download free software. It also allows you to download and watch the latest movies. However, torrenting comes with risks. While connected to the network, many prying eyes could be watching your every move. For this reason, you need to use a reliable and trustworthy BitTorrent client.

Now, with all the available BitTorrent clients today, choosing the best one can be a headache. So, we have decided to introduce one BitTorrent client: Tixati.

Check out this unbiased Tixati review to help you decide whether or not it’s a great app to download.

What is Tixati?

Tixati is a proprietary Windows and Linux BitTorrent client. Because it is written in C++, it does not consume a lot of system resources.

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Aside from being a BitTorrent client, Tixati has a secure private messaging and chat function that is strongly encrypted. A chatroom can either be set to public or secret, allowing users to share lists with other users in a channel.

The Pros and Cons of Tixati

Here are some of the pros and cons of using Tixati:


  • It is completely free to use.
  • It is an ad-free torrent client.
  • It provides detailed information about files, peers, and trackers.
  • It is featured-packed.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It provides suggestions on how to improve the overall download speed.
  • It can be customized.
  • It downloads files by parts, so you can play media files as soon as the download process has started.
  • It allows users to chat.
  • It runs efficiently


  • There is no source code available, so you cannot check what privacy and security features are implemented.
  • It has a high-contrast interface, which may not be pleasant to the eyes.
  • It does not have a command line interface.
  • It crashes frequently.

How to Properly Use Tixati

So, how do you use Tixati? First, you need to set it up. Be sure you have enough hard disk space for this app. If you don’t, might as well start cleaning up using a PC repair tool. After that, begin setting up Tixati. Here’s how:

Setting Up Tixati

  1. Go to the Tixati website and hit the Download Tixati Now button.
  2. Select the Tixati version that is compatible with your operating system.
  3. Once Tixati is installed, adjust your settings to ensure you enjoy the best possible download speeds.

Optimizing Your BitTorrent Client

  1. Set the outgoing throttle value, making sure it is around 70 to 80% of its total capacity.
  2. Enable the incoming connections option.
  3. Check if DHT can receive incoming UDP packets. Enable the Peer Exchange and DHT option.
  4. Go to General settings and select Queueing.
  5. Disable the Recycle Unused Download Slots options for both uploads and downloads.
  6. Go to Network and Connections.
  7. Change the value of the network mode from IPv4 or IPv6 to Only.

Connecting to a VPN Server

  1. Right-click the PIA tray icon.
  2. Select a server location from the list. Some recommended server locations are the Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Romania, Mexico, and Switzerland.
  3. Once you are connected, you will notice that the icon will turn green.

Stay Safe While Using Tixati

Although Tixati is considered a safe app, you may still be at risk of downloading malware entities by accident. After all, like most BitTorrent clients, Tixati shows information about you when you join a swarm, including your location and IP address. To ensure your safety and protect your private information, professional torrenters suggest the use of a VPN.

Final Thoughts

If you went through this guide carefully, then you should be able to explore Tixati anonymously. While its frequent crashing is sometimes annoying, it’s still definitely worth considering should you want a feature-packed client.

Have you used Tixati before? Is it easy to use or not? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments!

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