How to Spy an iPhone From Newbie to Pro?

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A person who has no experience in phone surveillance may find spying on an iPhone impossible. However, technology today let’s even newbies spy on iPhones like pros thanks to phone spy apps.

With a reliable phone spy app, you can become a pro in iPhone surveillance in no time. There are many different reasons you may wish to spy on an iPhone. iPhone spy apps are popular with parents and employers.

They let parents monitor their kids and employers track employee activities. In this post, we will show you how to spy on an iPhone like a pro. We will be using a reputable iPhone spy app that makes it easy to spy on an iPhone.

Spyine – The best iPhone surveillance app

With Spyine, you can spy on iPhone like a pro. Spyine is a web-based phone surveillance app that comes with over 30 iPhone surveillance features. The app has even attracted the attention of media outlets like CNET.

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Spyine has the trust of over a million users across the world. It lets you spy on an iPhone remotely via a web browser. To accomplish it, visit the Spyine website to log in to your dashboard.

The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It has a very high customer approval of 96%. With Spyine, you can spy anything on the target iPhone from social media apps to its whereabouts.

What makes Spyine a great iPhone spy app for newbies

Besides having multiple surveillance features, Spyine has remarkable capabilities suitable for a newbie. Here are some of them:

  1. No jailbreaking necessary

With Spyine, users don’t have to jailbreak the target iPhone to start spying on it. As a newbie, the process of jailbreaking an iPhone is foreign and unknown. Fortunately, Spyine uses the latest technology to avoid jailbreaking.

On iPhones, Spyine uses the iCloud backup to spy on the target. Unlike most iPhone spy apps that require compromising an iPhone, Spyine just needs iCloud credentials. Besides, jailbreaking an iPhone voids its warranty.

So, Spyine makes any newbie spy on an iPhone like a pro.

  1. Remote surveillance

Spyine is an online-based iPhone spy app. It allows novices to spy online through a web browser of their choice. To spy on an iPhone, a novice needs only to sign in to their Spyine dashboard.

  1. Safe

With Spyine, novices won’t have to worry about the security of their target. The app doesn’t gather data from third-party apps which safeguards data privacy. Also, the Spyine dashboard is password protected.

  1. Undetectable

All the iPhone surveillance activities take place in stealth. Spyine works in the background to avoid the target iPhone user noticing your surveillance activities. For starters, no installation of the app is necessary on iPhones.

Rather, Spyine uses the iCloud backup to monitor on an iPhone. This way, a newbie can spy on an iPhone like a pro without worries.

How to spy on an iPhone using Spyine like a pro

To spy on an iPhone using Spyine takes a few easy steps for a newbie. Here are the straightforward steps involved:

Step 1: Visit the official Spyine network to sign up for the service. As you sign up, Spyine will let you choose your login credentials. Also, make sure you choose a plan that meets your iPhone surveillance needs.


Step 2: To configure the target iPhone, you only need iCloud credentials. Spyine turns an iPhone newbie into a pro by making it easy to configure the target remotely.

Once you have the iCloud credentials used on the target iPhone, provide them and verify.


Step 3: Spyine will sync content on the target iPhone with your dashboard. When it is done, click the Start button to exit the configuration process.


Step 4: Now sign in to your Spyine dashboard. Here, Spyine lets you access all the features. To start spying on your target, choose a feature on the left scroll panel.


Amazing Spyine features

Below are some of the features that make a newbie iPhone spy a pro.

  1. Location surveillance

The ability to spy on an iPhone whereabouts is one of the coveted surveillance features. Spyine lets a newbie find the location of the target iPhone.


The app provides details such as GPS coordinates and street addresses. Also, Spyine provides the location history of the target iPhone. What’s more, Spyine comes with a geofence feature.

The geofence lets you set a boundary for the target iPhone. When the phone crosses the set boundary, you will receive a notification. The feature is popular with parents.

  1. Social media surveillance

Spyine provides a newbie to iPhone surveillance an easy way to spy on the target. The app can spy on popular social media apps such as LINE and WhatsApp. With Spyine, a newbie can also spy on text messages.


The app backs up all the chats and posts on these apps on its server. This way, you can even access deleted chats and posts like a pro. It can even spy on photos, videos, and documents shared with the target.

  1. Keylogger

With Spyine, a newbie can spy on all the keystrokes made on the target iPhone. The app records all the keystrokes and categorizes them by app to make it easy to find them.


This keylogger feature records even sensitive details like online login credentials used on the iPhone. It allows a newbie to spy on all usernames and passwords using the target iPhone.


The best way to turn an iPhone surveillance newbie into a pro is through a spy app. A reputable iPhone spy app allows anyone with access to the internet to spy on iPhone. Check out Spyine if you are a newbie.

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