5 Bullet Journal Apps to Organize Your College Life

Good Notes
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We all know how hectic college life can be. Between juggling dense essay assignments and studying for tests, sometimes it can feel like we don’t have time for just about anything. This is where bullet journals come in.

Traditional forms of bullet journals have been replaced by digital bulleting journal apps. However, with a ton of apps on both the Apple and Android play stores, it can be a little hard sifting through these apps to find the right one. Luckily, this article features 5 of the best bullet journal apps to make it easier to organize aspects of your college life.

We all know how hectic college life can be. Between juggling dense essay assignments and studying for tests, sometimes it can feel like we don’t have time for just about anything. We even might ask someone do my essay for me to have at least one tiresome task done without making much effort. After all, it’s better to get external help than burn out trying to keep up with everything at once.

Yet, we have to learn how to organize our college life effectively. This is where bullet journals come in.

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1. Good Notes

Good notes is an application that integrates the old fashioned form of taking notes, handwriting, with modern technology including files, documents and calendar. The software, however, limited to the Apple app store, is loaded with a ton of features all designed to make it easier to organize aspects of your college life including, file and document management.

There are many key benefits to having this software running on your IOS devices. For instance, it helps in organizing your assignments to make it easy to submit essays and study for tests time in time. Whenever the essay topic is related to life issues, you can search for essay topics on life online from the professional essay writing website. There are a ton of free life essay samples for you to choose from. Then proceed to take notes on this software, including details of the due date.

2. Elisi

Elisi is an application that brings digital bullet journals to both IOS and Android platforms. It helps you to plan tasks that you soon are aiming to accomplish. It does this by utilizing the to-do-list, which prioritizes tasks based on time.

Secondly, with this software, you can keep track of important tasks. For instance, you can track your progress while reading an essay on life or while exercising in the gym. Lastly and most importantly, you can take quick notes regardless of the time or location. There are so many features to look forward to including, calendar integration, planner, and in-app templates to make your college life easier.

3. The Bullet Journal Companion

If you are a purist who prefers the traditional form of bullet journaling, then this particular application is perfect for you. The Bullet Journal Companion is designed to work perfectly with those who are not ready to let go of the pen and paper. It keeps most ofthe features commonly found in a digital bulleting app, but it helps users take down notes, tasks, ideas, and key dates on their personal journals.

This softyware requires you to reflect on your goals, plans, and notes. You can tweak the number of times it does this, but the default setting is for two reminders. As you continue to use the app, you will realize the set of guidelines set in place to help you with your digital bulleting journey. The app is available to both IOS and Android platforms.

The Bullet Journal Companion

4. Dynalist

This is arguably the best bullet journaling app available on both android and IOS apps stores. Its software is smooth and boasts a large number of features, including Markdown support, marking important dates, and internal links to other files and documents, just mention.

Dynalist combines the basic functions of a digital bulleting application with daily logs and bookmarking. Daily-logs is a feature that requires users to take notes daily. For instance, it is easy to track down your daily progress with regard to the essays on life mentioned earlier. It can get a little complicated at times. However, there is a demo version that gives you a complete tutorial on how to use the app. If you need help with your assignment, find numerous free life essays examples online.

5. Trello

Available on both Android and IOS app stores, Trello is one of the best electronic online bullet journals. Trello has several features that make it stand out. However, you can take down notes using your voice. The speech capabilities make this application unique and efficient. There are both paid and free subscription plans that are dependent on your personal requirements.


Bullet journaling is a concept familiar to most, especially college students. This system of journaling helps you to collect your thoughts, plans, goals, and ideas in an organized way. As a result, you are introduced to a new span of control that allows you to meet both their short and long term goals. Any of these apps listed should be of use in helping you achieve your goals.

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