What You Should Know About the New Premiere Pro CC 2019

Premiere Pro CC 2019
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Premiere Pro CC 2019 is already upon us. If you are a video creator, editor, or producer, or you are simply looking around to get into the creative industry, know that there are lots of significant changes that has come to the new Adobe Premiere Pro. These changes are sure to speed up your workflow and boost your creativity.

One obvious improvement is the audio and motion graphics capabilities that are easier to edit. To access these functionalities before, you had to go to Audition or After Effects. Now, you don’t have to do that.

In addition, if you are planning to add text to your video, you can do so with Premiere Pro CC 2019. However, you have to go to After Effects, make changes there, save the file, and let the dynamic linking perform the update to the Premiere Pro file.

You will also have access to different motion graphics templates from a stock library, decide whether or not to use them, and navigate through a plethora of font types to create new and unique styles.

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Further, the Premiere Pro CC update has been designed to improve audio. With this new update, the audio cleanup functionality has been enhanced to reduce noise and reverb. This is very handy for those who are fond of recording videos on DSLR cameras because these devices are known to produce noise and reverb.

Lastly, they improved the Lumetri Color Panel by adding a vast range of curve adjustments. It’s a great tool for video producers who don’t have the budget to work with a colorist.

With all these exciting additions and improvements to Premiere Pro, editing and producing professional video with motion graphics, color adjustments, and audio enhancements can be done as easy as pie. Unfortunately, as with all tools and software, there are always cons and drawbacks, which, of course, can be fixed.

Some users who have tried using the tool have reported and complained about certain Premiere Pro performance issues. How bad are these issues? Are there fixes to them? In case you want to upgrade to Premiere Pro, how do you do it? We’ll try to answer these questions below.

Common Premiere Pro CC Problems and Solutions

As with other new tools and software, bugs and problems exist on Premiere Pro CC. These include:

1. Error Home Screen Loading Problem

Have you tried opening Premiere Pro CC 2019 and found yourself stuck on the home page? Worry no more. You can fix the problem by following the steps below:

  • Launch Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019.
  • Notice how the home screen continues to load.
  • Go to Edit.
  • Scroll down to Preferences and click General.
  • A new window should open. Check the box beside the Disable the Home Screen option.
  • Click OK.
  • Close Photoshop and open it again.
  • The problem should be gone by now.

2. Other Problems

Some Premiere Pro users reported the following problems:

  • When importing or opening a previously created project while the NVIDIA driver is enabled, Premiere Pro crashes.
  • When switching to Thumbnail view when opening PNG files, the Premiere Pro closes.
  • When working with several open projects, multiple recovery clips are created.
  • Importing multiple AVCHD files take a long time to load on macOS.
  • When importing 100 or more files, the application hangs and force quits.
  • Premiere Pro hangs when importing GoPro files.
  • When adding a motion effect to a certain clip on timeline, playback will suddenly freeze.
  • Workspace stays blank when opening a legacy project.
  • Switching to another workspace results in missing some Project tabs.
  • The clip name in timeline is not legible.
  • The marker workflow between Program Monitor, Source Monitor, and Timeline panels is broken.
  • After adding two blank captions, all captions become white and move to the upper left.
  • When exporting certain projects, red frames sometimes appear.
  • The “Software Render Error” message shows up when compiling certain movies using third-party plug-ins.

If you have encountered any of the problems or bugs above, the best solution is to update to the current version of Premiere Pro CC 2019.

How to Update Premiere Pro

Yes, the Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 is complete with newly improved tools and functionalities. However, when upgrading it, the CC Desktop App will uninstall previous CC versions on your computer by default. That means, all that will be left is the latest release. It will automatically migrate your preferences, presets, and other compatible add-ons, except your third-party plug-ins.

If you prefer not to uninstall the previous CC versions, simply click on Advanced Options and uncheck Remove Old Versions.

Now, how do you update Premiere Pro? Well, as of this writing, there is no direct download link for Premiere Pro CC 2019. But we are hoping it’ll be released sometime soon.

While waiting, it is important to know that there will be changes in the system requirements to ensure the new Premiere Pro is compatible with your operating system. On a Mac computer, CC 2019 will require Mac OS X 10.12 Sierra or higher. So, if you are not running the most recent macOS version yet, you might want to upgrade now.

Wrapping Up

While exploring the new features of Premiere Pro CC 2019, you might also consider installing Outbyte macAries on your Mac to potentially enhance its performance. Make sure the software is appropriate for your specific needs.

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