What to Know About the IDECacheDeleteAppExtension Error

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As a Mac user, there is one thing you should be thankful for when it comes to app freezes and crashes: they rarely happen.

However, rarity does not mean they won’t happen anymore. E specially if you work on your Mac night and day, there are chances that you will e ncounter an app crash issue; it’s just that it happens less frequently unlike other computer operating systems. When a crash occurs, Mac users also experience the nasty consequences, which makes them less productive and even lose all the progress of their work.

One issue that is bugging many Mac users is the IDECacheDeleteAppExtension error. We’ll find out more about this error below. But before we proceed, let’s figure out what CacheDelete is for us to better understand the error.

What Is CacheDelete?

CacheDelete is a subsystem within macOS that is responsible for cleaning up your disk space to allocate more space for high-level apps, processes, files, or programs that require it . It’s technically the backend system to the rarely used CSDiskSpaceStartRecovery API.

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This subsystem has a special plug-in mechanism that different system components can tap and rely on to recover any disk space associated with them.

While CacheDelete plays a vital role in freeing up disk space, some Mac users reportedly encounter errors related to it. One is the IDECacheDeleteAppeExtension error that causes certain apps to quit unexpectedly.

What Is the IDECacheDeleteAppExtension Process and What Is It for?

The IDECacheDeleteAppExtension error occurs when you have developer tools installed on your Mac. These tools aren’t actually a part of the clean install of your Mac so when you have t hem installed, the error message may show up. This is also the case if you have the Xcode app installed on your Mac.

To keep the IDECacheDeleteAppExtension error from occurring, it is best that you uninstall developer tools or upgrade them. Updating Xcode can also help.

If the two suggestions don’t work, try the solutions below.

How to Fix the IDECacheDeleteAppExtension Error

To fix and resolve the IDECacheDeleteAppExtension error, it’s normally recommended to run your Mac in Safe Mode or use a temporary User Account. Afterwards, uninstall developer tools. But if the problem exists in Safe Mode or when using a temporary User account, it only suggests that you have a failed hard disk drive.

To fix a failed hard disk drive, install your macOS on an external hard disk drive first. Boot your Mac from it and check if the symptoms are triggered while running your OS from that startup disk. If the external macOS starts up properly, then that will justify the need to replace your internal hard drive.

Don’t worry because it’s not an expensive fix. In fact, it can be relatively easy to replace your internal hard drive. If your Mac is still under warranty, then take it to the nearest Apple Store and have it replaced. If not, you can get one at a reasonable price.

As for your files, you need not worry as well because you already have Time Machine, a built-in recovery tool on your Mac that allows you to restore your default Mac settings.

Then again, if you are not that confident with your technical skills, you can always seek help from an Apple Genius , an expert who can perform Apple-certified repairs. He or she can tell you what the problem is and recommend the best solutions, including how to fix the IDECacheDeleteAppExtension error.


The IDECacheDeleteAppExtension error isn’t any fun as it can make you lose your productivity. Luckily, a little understanding and a bit of proactive behavior can keep this error from occurring.

One way to keep Mac errors to a minimum is by installing Outbyte Mac Repair. This amazing tool cleans and optimizes your Mac for top performance by running a quick scan and identifying potential threats you can fix and resolve. It also empties your trash bin and eliminates unwanted files from your system to free up storage space and restore your Mac’s efficiency.

Have you encountered the IDECacheDeleteAppExtension error on your Mac? How did you get around with it? Let us know in the comments section!

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