Police: A New iPhone Shortcut That Discreetly Records Your Police Encounters

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One of the newest features of iOS 12 is Siri Shortcuts. With this feature, you can program different actions on your device and ask Siri to perform them for you. For example, when you say the command, “Siri, get my day started”, Siri will launch your wakeup playlist. However, one iOS 12 user created an interesting shortcut that tells Siri to prep your device to record police interactions. It’s called Police.

How It Works

Police is a Siri Shortcut created by a Redditor named RobertAPeterson. This new iPhone shortcut will record your interactions with the police if you are asked to pull over.

According to its description shared on Reddit, this shortcut is capable of doing a handful of actions when activated. So, if you say, “Hey, Siri. I’m getting pulled over,” the first thing it will do is pause the music that is currently playing on your iPhone. After that, it reduces your iPhone’s brightness and switches to the Do Not Disturb mode so that any incoming phone call won’t disrupt you. Next, it will send a text message to a person in your contacts list (whoever you selected when you set up the shortcut), telling him or her your location and that you have just been pulled over by the police.

It does not stop there. It will then open up your front camera to begin recording your interaction. Once you stop the recording, the video will be sent to your specified contact and your device will be reverted to its previous settings.

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The Latest Update of the Shortcut

This Siri shortcut has recently been updated. The latest version now sends your exact longitude and latitude location to your designated contact. It also offers the option to upload the video via iCloud or Dropbox.

Customize Police

If you decided to download this Siri Shortcut to discreetly record your police encounters, there’s good news. You can customize it or make easy tweaks to your own liking. For instance, you can choose to use the rear camera for video recording if that is more convenient.

Don’t worry. Making changes is easy because the “recipe” for this Siri shortcut is available in the app.

What Others Think About Police

Since this Siri shortcut was released, it has received positive reviews from users. Some even shared that they had had past issues with the police that had made them decide to use this shortcut. Another user also said that she planned to use it to resolve a stalker issue with an ex-boyfriend. With this shortcut, she hopes she could quickly send her location to a relative or a family should anything happen.

Final Thoughts

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