How to Open a ‘.peg’ File Using the Image Capture App

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You’ve probably come across a .peg file before. But do you know what exactly it is?

A .peg file is said to be an error on JPEG files. Although it was discovered years ago, it still plagues many users today. And until now, it is unclear why some files end up with a .peg suffix.

The good news is that some users have found a way to open a .peg file. They simply used the Image Capture app.

The Image Capture App

Image Capture is a macOS app that allows users to upload photos from scanners or digital cameras. While it does not have as many tools as its other counterparts, it’s still very useful, especially in collating photos from different sources.

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Then again, Image Capture does not always work the way it is expected to. Sometimes, error messages randomly pop up, preventing you from importing media files, including .peg files.

Well, the reasons why you can’t import a .peg file may vary. In most cases, viruses and malware are to blame. But there is also a chance that you are not using Image Capture correctly.

How to Use the Image Capture App Properly

Can’t import a .peg file? Simply use the Image Capture app. Here’s how:

  1. On your Mac, go to Applications and select Image Capture.
  2. Connect your iOS device using a lightning cable.
  3. In the list of devices, find your device name and click on it.
  4. Select the images that won’t import.
  5. Navigate to the bottom of the window. Click on the Import to option.
  6. Choose a location on your local drive.
  7. Hit Import.
  8. While in that folder, change the file extension of the problematic file from .peg to .jpeg.
  9. You will then receive a warning about changing the suffixes of the file. Click the Use .jpeg button to continue.
  10. Once the file extension is changed, import the image into your Photos folder.

If you’re facing issues with file imports, a system optimization tool might help. Outbyte macAries is one such tool, but make sure to verify its suitability for your situation.

Other Practical Applications of the Image Capture App

The Image Capture app is useful not only for importing .peg files. This modest app is also capable of performing other tasks, including the following:

1. Creating Contact Sheets

Do you want to have a closer look at the photos that are saved on your device? Do you want to display them on a neat contact sheet for a better view? With the Image Capture app, you can do so. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Image Capture
  2. Select all the photos you like to include in your contact sheet.
  3. Click on the Import to dropdown menu.
  4. Select MakePDF.
  5. Hit Import.

If you are unhappy with the current layout of your contact sheet, you may choose another preset from the Layout menu. To create a new custom layout, go to Layout and click New Layout. If you want to be able to zoom in on the details of individual photos using the Preview app, save your contact sheet as a regular PDF file.

2. Scanning Documents

Scanning a document using the Image Capture app is easy. You don’t even have to use the software that comes with your scanner. Your Mac will automatically install the latest scanner software that is available.

Once you connect the scanner to your Mac, it will be instantly listed under the Devices section of the Image Capture app. This means you don’t have to do anything.

However, there are instances when you need to set it up manually. Go to System Preferences and click Printers & Scanners. As soon as your scanner is up and running, you just have to hit the Scan button and the documents and photos will be scanned effortlessly.

3. Creating Email Attachments

If you want to send an email with a photo attachment, then use Image Capture. Here’s how:

  1. Open Image Capture.
  2. Make sure the device where the photo is stored is listed under the list of devices.
  3. Click on the thumbnail of the photo you want to email.
  4. Go to the Import To menu and select Mail.
  5. Hit Import.
  6. You will then see an email message with the photo attached.
  7. Click Send.

By default, the photo attachment will be in full resolution. This can be very heavy. To reduce it, select Small or Medium under the Image Size section.

A Simple Yet Handy Native Mac App

Though not many of us know about the existence of this native Mac app, we cannot deny the fact that Image Capture is useful in its own little way. You’ll probably open it only when you can’t import .peg files, but you will be more than happy that it exists.

How was your experience with Image Capture? Were you able to open .peg files with it? Share in the comments.

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