How to Enable Split Window View for Multiple Chats in Skype

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Microsoft seems to be very eager to take Skype to a whole new level, encouraging users to move on from the classic version to the newly revamped version. With so many new features in the recent release, users can definitely make the most out of the latest Skype app.

To date, the Skype team continues to assure users that they are working to improve their call and messaging features, ensuring the quality remains as clear and reliable as possible. As for the new Skype, they have added a few key features, including the following:

  • A better and more visible font size for chats
  • Improved look of a user’s online status
  • Search feature within a chat
  • Adding new contacts made easy
  • More controls for privacy
  • Split window view for multiple chats

Among the mentioned features, the split window view in Skype for multiple chats is getting more attention these days. We’ll find out more below.

Chat with Multiple Screens on Skype

Do you need to open multiple conversation screens on Skype every now and then? Then you should probably upgrade to the latest Skype version, where it is now possible to show multiple chats in two screens all at the same time.

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How to Show Two Chats in Two Screens at the Same Time on Skype

Also called the split window view, this amazing feature allows you to put your contact list in one window and every conversation in a separate one. You can even drag your contact or any conversation window anywhere on your screen for a more personalized Skype look.

Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy this feature as it is only available in the most recent Skype version.

Here’s how to enable the split window view:

  1. Download and install the latest Skype version. You can get it here.
  2. Open Skype.
  3. Navigate to the more (three-dotted) menu.
  4. Click Enable split view mode.
  5. Your contacts and conversation windows are now available in split screen mode and can be dragged anywhere on your screen.

How to Open Multiple Conversation Screens

Now that you know how to enable the split window view mode, we’ll teach you how to open multiple conversation screens.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Open Skype.
  2. Double-click on an existing conversation in the recent chats list. You can also start a new chat and open it in another screen.
  3. That’s it! You can now chat as you normally would, but this time in separate windows.

Handy Tips

Since you’ll be chatting in separate windows, it is important that you don’t miss any important chat. Be sure you keep up with your every conversation and pick up a chat right where you left off.

In the latest Skype version, there is a way to get your attention to the most important messages. To do this, surround a phrase or a word with special characters.

  • Bold – Surround a phrase or a word with *asterisks* to put a bold emphasis to it.
  • Italics – To format a phrase or a word in italics, use
  • Strikethrough – Use a pair of ~tildes~ to strike out a phrase or a word.
  • Parentheses – To turn text into an emoticon without opening the emoticon picker, use parenthesis. For example, (smile), (think), (happy).

Wrapping Up

Microsoft said it will continue to update the above feature in the coming days, even though those features are already a good upgrade for many.

To potentially improve your computer’s performance during lengthy Skype conversations, you might consider installing Outbyte macAries for Windows and Outbyte Mac Repair for Mac. Ensure that these tools are compatible with your system’s requirements.

What other features of the latest Skype version do you love? Share them with us below!

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7 months ago

This is not showing anymore in the version you are discussing.

5 months ago

I don’t see the split-screen options as described in your post.. Is this not possible anymore as I did like it that way around.. I hate the way it is now..

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