How to Charge Mac Laptop Without Charger

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Without a Mac charger, your Mac laptop seems worthless. After all, you don’t have a way to charge its battery once it drains, but what if we say that we have a long-kept secret about how to charge a Mac laptop without a charger? Will you be interested in knowing it? We bet you are. If you really need to use your laptop so bad, and unfortunately, the device is battery dead and you don’t your Mac charger with you, try the following:

Use USB-C Power Banks

Even if your laptop’s battery drains out and you are out of your station, you can still stay connected to work. How? Carry your MacBook with you wherever you go as well as a high-capacity charger to make sure your laptop does not let you down. When we say “high-capacity charger”, we mean a USB-C power bank.

Despite its small size, a USB-C charger offers secure charging and can provide your MacBook’s power needs.

Use a Car Charger

If you are the type of person who spends most of his time on the road, using a car charger might be the most sensible solution for you. This allows you to charge your laptop without USB.

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A car charger is similar to your MacBook charger, only that its end is modified to suit your car’s design. So, even if you are on-the-go, you can keep your laptop powered.

Use a Universal Charger

A universal charger is the most convenient answer to your battery problems. Since it can be purchased at most retail stores that sell electronics, finding one should not be a problem.

Most universal chargers come with different tips, so you don’t have to worry if it fits your MacBook’s charging port. Once this charger is plugged in, it will not just charge your laptop’s battery; it will also power your device.

Important Points to Remember

The next time you find yourself with your MacBook, but without its charger, do not panic. You already know what to use to charge the battery. These three solutions should save your day. Now, you can also do something to prevent draining your battery faster. Install Mac repair app to identify applications that are actively running without you knowing. Your MacBook will thank you if you do that.

Do you have a secret to share as well? We’d be very happy to hear it, too! Comment them below.

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