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When it comes to design, using the right font makes a lot of difference. This is why graphic designers invest in a good font manager, such as Suitcase Fusion for Mac. It helps you compare and find the exact fonts you are looking for for your design.

Suitcase Fusion usually integrates well with most creative applications, but there are instances when it encounters some issues. An example is the Suitcase Fusion for Mac error 50335758, which pops up when the user tries to open a graphic design application that is integrated with Suitcase Fusion.

What Is Suitcase Fusion?

As mentioned above, this font manager created by Extensis allows graphic designers and other creative professionals to easily find the perfect fonts for their projects. It works in three ways:

  • Suitcase Fusion organizes your fonts scattered on your computer, servers, and the cloud. It helps you tidy up your collection of fonts in one place, so they can be easily accessible anytime.
  • Suitcase Fusion automatically activates your fonts when using your creative application, saving you time and effort.
  • Suitcase Fusion lets you search and preview fonts so you can find exactly what you need.

This font manager comes with a powerful plugin that lets you use your font library when working with Adobe Creative Cloud and Sketch. It also supports drag-and-drop functions for Affinity products, including Designer, Photo, and Publisher.

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Causes of FMCore Error 50335758

If you’re trying to open your creative app and the FMCore error 50335758 pops up on Mac, don’t worry because you are not alone. Several users have also encountered the Suitcase Fusion for Mac error 50335758, particularly with Adobe CC. This error generally affects Mac users running versions 19 through 21.

The error message just reads:

Error starting FMCore
Error 50335758

Clicking the OK button only quits the application and you won’t be able to launch it properly without fixing this error first. And the error message that goes with this code isn’t of much help either. It doesn’t say why the error occurs in the first place and how it can be resolved.

When you launch Suitcase Fusion, it should automatically connect to the type core, which is the FMCore in macOS. FMCore is the background process responsible for activating and deactivating fonts. If FMCore is not running, Suitcase Fusion initiates it then tries to connect again. If Suitcase Fusion is not able to connect to the type core successfully, then the FMCore error 50335758 on Mac appears.

This problem can also occur when Suitcase Fusion tries to connect the first time to FMCore while the latter is in the process of starting, which means it can’t respond properly. A good example is when Suitcase Fusion is added as a login item in macOS and it loads just as the FMCore is starting up. If this is the case, Suitcase Fusion pops this error.

Other factors that might trigger this error include incomplete or damaged hosts file, junk files, outdated session information, and malware infection.

How to Fix FM Core Error 50335758

When you encounter this error, don’t fret because it’s not the end of the world. If the error jumps out while you are in the middle of a project, then make sure you save what you’re working on first to avoid losing your hard-earned progress. But if the Suitcase Fusion for Mac error 50335758 happened when you are just launching your app, then you don’t have to worry about losing your work.

Before you try the fixes below, doing some basic housekeeping might help straighten out this error, so you should try them first:

  1. Scan your Mac for the presence of malware and delete any threats detected. It will also prevent future errors that you might not be aware of.
  2. Delete unnecessary files from your Mac using a Mac optimizer, such as Mac repair app.
  3. Reboot your Mac.

If they did not work, proceed with the main solutions below:

Fix #1: Restart Suitcase Fusion.

If Suitcase Fusion cannot connect properly to the FMCore, either because the type core is still being loaded or because it is not yet running, then you need the reboot Suitcase Fusion. Just close Suitcase Fusion and wait for at least 10 seconds before launching it again. This would make sure that the FMCore process is fully running when the Suitcase Fusion calls upon it.

Fix #2: Remove Suitcase Fusion as a Login Item.

If you have set up Suitcase Fusion to load during startup, there is a chance that it might automatically open while the FMCore is just starting up. The solution here is to open Suitcase Fusion only when you need it, so you have to remove it from the Login Items in macOS.

To do this:

  1. Control-click the Suitcase Fusion app icon found in the Dock.
  2. Under Options, uncheck Open at Login.

This should prevent the app from starting up when you log into your Mac. You should also disable it from reopening when you restart your Mac by unchecking Reopen windows when logging back in.

Fix #3: Reset Your Suitcase Fusion Configuration.

If the error is caused by incomplete or damaged hosts file or by outdated session data, then simply restarting or waiting for the FMCore to load would not address the issue. You need to reset your preferences for the Suitcase Fusion app by following the steps below:

  1. In the Finder menu, click Go > Go to Folder…
  2. In the Go to the folder field, type in ~/.Extensis and hit the Go button.
  3. This will open the Extensis folder. Look for the FMCore folder and drag it to the Trash.
  4. Go back to Finder, click on the Go menu, then hold the Option key down.
  5. When you see the Library menu appear, click on it.
  6. In the Library folder, look for the Extensis folder and open it.
  7. Drag the com.extensis.FMCore-LaunchInfo.conf file to the Trash.
  8. Empty your Trash to make sure that the files are completely removed from your Mac.

Once done, try launching Suitcase Fusion again and see if the error has been fixed. You don’t have to worry about the deleted files because a new copy will be generated the moment you open the Suitcase Fusion app.

Final Thoughts

FMCore error 50335758 on Mac is a unique error that requires specific solutions. If you come across this error when doing your project, you need to save your progress first before trying any of the solutions above.

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