What Is Rasphone.pbk?

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Ensuring online safety is mandatory. And to do so, there are measures that people apply online to stay secure. However, while trying to get the necessary tools to protect one’s online activities, users end up with malicious content. Such content is sneaky, making it difficult for the user to detect the infiltration.

Rasphone.pbk is one of the malicious files that claim to provide secure storage for your contact details and addresses. The file acts as phonebook storage similar to dial-up or VPN. Rasphone.pbk is related to particular VPN settings, and it cannot be deleted using the common procedure.

Is Rasphone.pbk a Virus?

The behaviour of this file is questionable and its existence acts as an indication of malware presence. When you delete this file, it will only be removed temporarily. It will then return after some time on its own. Such traits can only be found in a virus. Moreover, users report facing many issues when this file exists in their computer. These issues include unknown processes running in the background, lags, and crashes at different intervals.

Issues related to Rasphone.pbk can occur when the user installs wireless drivers that require a PBK folder to keep data related to wireless connections. Users should carry out a thorough investigation before deleting the file to avoid system corruption. Files like Rasphone.pbk can be rooted into the system files such that careless elimination can cause system instability.

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One thing for sure is that the Rasphone.pbk file cannot be trusted. It is harmful to the system and can lead to privacy concerns. Since it is highly linked to a parasite which has different payloads depending on the type, it can alter itself and allow malware to accomplish multiple actions.

Here are some of the dangers that the malicious Rasphone.pbk file can cause:

  • Poor system performance
  • Can violate the victim’s privacy
  • Infiltrate and corrupt system files to cause instability issues
  • Showcase constant intrusive ads

Less harmful parasites can utilize the Rasphone.pbk file to slow down system performance, show intrusive ads, or execute other disturbing actions. However, the real threat is when dangerous parasites use this file to damage system components, infect installed applications, corrupt files, and infringe your privacy. We advise against opening this file since it is executed by Yeaknet.

Is Rasphone.pbk a Safe File?

Depending on the outcome of your investigation, Rasphone.pbk may be harmless. The file might have been installed by legitimate software or can be a vital system file. Therefore, prior to deleting the file, you must first confirm if it poses a threat. So, it is imperative to conduct a state of security diagnosis.

However, it is rare for such cases to occur whereby the files trigger multiple issues to the system only to be deemed completely safe. Regardless, a thorough examination is required to understand the level of danger the file poses to the computer.

There are many ways in which such files get distributed online. The most common method is during the installation of freeware and untrustworthy applications. It is hard for the user to follow up on every file that gets installed in the computer since there are many file types.

As for Rasphone.pbk, which is constantly related to spyware activities, the file gets distributed through email campaigns, as well as malicious sites. Users must take note of constant error messages, files that reappear after deletion, folders with dubious data, as well as slower system performance and crashes.

Should Rasphone.pbk Be Removed?

If the system starts performing poorly and you recognize the existence of the Rasphone.pbk file, you should be concerned. However, you must first confirm if the file is indeed corrupt or the issue is being triggered by another malware.

The initial step is to run a comprehensive full system scan using a reliable antivirus security tool. This will help detect if the file is malicious or not. Moreover, you need to find any other malware that might be hiding in the system, running various processes in the background without your knowledge.

Once determined as unsafe, you can then quarantine or delete the file using the antivirus security tool. Remember, such parasites cannot be deleted manually. A security tool is a perfect weapon to get rid of the file permanently. Once done, you can then run a trusted PC repair tool to fix system related issues that might have been caused by the Rasphone.pbk file. The tool also fortifies your privacy and security as well as optimize system performance.


There are different types of system files. Some are common as we use them daily, while others remain in the background, storing important system information. Malware developers take advantage of that and plant various malicious files into the system, knowing it will be difficult for users to detect them. This is the reason why users discover such malicious files when it’s too late and the damage has already been done. For that reason, we advise keeping a strong anti-malware security tool running in the background all the time to benefit from real-time protection.

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