What is the Vzwpix Email Virus?

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Have you received numerous messages or emails from an email user that end with vzwpix.com? You’re not alone. Many people have lamented about receiving such messages, some receiving up to 30 emails in one hour.

Security researchers identified them as an ‘‘email virus’’ on a phishing expedition. The vzwpix email virus can be so frustrating, especially since it comes in large numbers simultaneously.

We dug deep into these messages and emails to know what the vzwpix email virus is, how you can remove it, and what it does.

Is the Vzwpix Email Virus a Trojan?

Scammers have become creative, and they are always inventing new ways to infect the devices of unsuspecting users with malware. Most phishing attempts have become treacherous, such as a carefully crafted message or email on a random malicious website to an unsuspecting number. One such example is the Vzwpix email virus.

The Vzwpix email virus is a multipurpose trojan-malware tool that scammers use to make unsuspecting users install the malware in their device.

Usually, users will receive an email or a message from an unidentified email address, which contains a spoofed ten-digit phone number and ends with @vztext.com. Initially, the email appears to have a picture attachment because of its name (for example, 8400587498Img_Picture), but this is just a Zip file with an obfuscated executable (exe) format.

What Does the Vzwpix Email Virus Do?

People know Vzwpix, or Vzwpix.com, as a legitimate multimedia messaging service provided by Verizon. It allows people to send emails using their phones, which often has a sender’s number. Scammers take advantage of this service’s fame and imitate an original email address through spoofing.

The spoofed email often contains different themes, such as information about a delivery or a receipt. The scammer uses social engineering to hide their real identity and prevent users from identifying their scam intention. Users then trust the scammer and download the “picture,” which then infects their devices.

The malware that will be extracted from the malicious .exe file will depend on what the attackers compiled before sending the message or email. The malware will vary in types including:

As a result, users can suffer any of the following damages:

  • Unending, annoying ads, and popups or browser redirects because of adware
  • Financial losses because of banking malware
  • Ransomware infection
  • Identity theft
  • Compromises of personal details (such as banking details, social security number, or credit card information)
  • Infiltration by a botnet or other malware, among others

You need to familiarize yourself with Vzwpix email virus and other phishing emails to avoid becoming a victim.

How to Get Rid of Vzwpix Email Virus

You can get rid of the Vzwpix email virus easily. However, the technique you use will depend on the particular malware executed by the Vzwpix email virus during download.

First, you need to know that if you did not click (or double-click) the suspicious image file or link attachment on your email. In this case, the malware may have not yet infected your device.

You can remove Vzwpix email virus in two ways:

  • Use anti-malware software, or
  • Remove it manually through the Safe Mode with Networking.

Use a Quality Anti-Malware

To remove the Vzwpix email virus from your device’s system, you can use quality anti-malware software such as SpyHunter 5 or Malwarebytes. This is the method we recommend because it is simple and easy.

Before you use the anti-malware program, ensure it is fully updated to have a more significant impact on the new version of the malware.

Manually Remove Vzwpix Email Virus

We recommend this method for people who have advanced knowledge and skills in computer usage. This method will result in the prompt removal of the malware from your system with all its roots.

For the manual process, follow these steps:

  1. Back up all your files and folders in safe storage.
  2. Boot your PC into Safe Mode with Networking.
  3. Clean all the registries created by the remove malware on your PC in the Command P The usually targeted Windows registries are:
  4. Locate files created by the remove Vzwpix email virus.
    • On your device, locate This PC or My PC or My Computer from the quick access bar.
    • Locate the ‘‘search’’ box and type ‘‘fileextension:’’ then type the file extension, for instance, “Vzwpix.com.exe.”
  5. Locate the infected file or folder and delete it.
  6. Boot your PC back with normal mode.
  7. Again, initiate a full system scan using the anti-malware program, so all the malicious components can be terminated for good.

Final Thoughts

Vzwpix may keep reinstalling itself multiple times if you fail to delete its roots and core files. We recommend that you remove it completely and scan for all malicious programs that may have been installed with it.

We believe that you already understand the Vzwpix email virus, and know how to get rid of it. Do you have any other information regarding Vzwpix email virus? Kindly share in the comments section.

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