What Is Sehen.site Malware?

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A new year always begins with bigger and better plans, and being productive is what the majority include in their resolutions. However, even though the year hasn’t gone that far, web users are already haunted by a devastating browser hijacker called Sehen.site. This malware irritates users to the last as it presents endless pop-ups that result in a horrible browsing experience. Moreover, it tracks a user’s internet activities, collects vital information and shares it with third-parties (mostly cybercriminals) for financial gain.

What Does Sehen.site Malware Do?

Many programs claim to enhance your online browsing experience and safety. They make you believe that they offer a platform better than the common ones such as Chrome, Edge, Safari, or Firefox. However, all of these promises are made to deceive the unsuspecting user to download and install the program.

Sehen.site is classified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) by most of the leading security software tools. It implements the browser by inflicting unwanted changes, altering the browser’s homepage as well as the new tab’s URL. It also blocks the user from accessing the settings window, making it difficult for the affected user to reverse any changes made by the program. Most of these changes are made to facilitate the ad-generation campaign.

Although advertised as the main browser, malware entities such as Sehen.site function as small components that rely on actual browsers. All that they do is configure the browser settings and parameters to facilitate their functionality. With that said, it is safe to assume that Sehen.site is a useless piece of software that you do not need in your computer.

Is Sehen.site a Virus?

Since it is identified as a useless program, why sweat over it when it gets installed? Well, the problems caused by the Sehen.site program go beyond just disturbing your smooth browsing experience. It is not a virus in nature but poses serious security threats that can lead to multiple virus infections. Moreover, it tracks your online activities and steals sensitive data such as login credentials. These details are then shared with various dubious parties for monetary gain.

Unlike a virus that can auto-install in your system, programs such as Sehen.site require user input to do so. That is the reason why several psychological techniques are used to trick target victims into installing the program. Once installed, it makes your system vulnerable to virus attacks by blocking most security measures. The ads showcased also lead to sites that contain dubious content.

In some cases, the Sehen.site program is classified as a virus due to its harmful behavior as well as the distribution techniques used. The developers use software bundling to get the software installed in your system. Remember that unlike a virus, the Sehen.site program requires human input to install. Despite appearing as if it was installed without your knowledge, that is actually not the case. Chances are that you installed and provided the Sehen.site program all the permission it needs unknowingly.

Software bundling tactics load setup managers with extra components as a marketing strategy. If users don’t select the Custom or Advanced installation process, which gives them the flexibility to customize what to install, the additional components get installed automatically. To avoid the installation of bundled components, users must always select the Advanced or Custom installation process over Express or Recommended.

Here are some of the things that you shouldn’t do to avoid browser hijackers:

  • Avoid visits to sites that are insecure.
  • Download content from verified or official sites.
  • Use a VPN when accessing sensitive data to avoid being tracked by malware.
  • Install a strong security software suite with real-time protection to prevent virus attacks.

How to Remove Sehen.site Malware?

It is clear that the Sehen.site program is not a common virus. And it’s not harmful to your system directly. However, it is not something that you can keep in your computer. You must act immediately and swiftly to get rid of it. Sehen.site indirectly poses serious security threats with constant redirects to insecure sites that contain malware.

We have prepared a comprehensive guide on how to remove the Sehen.site malware from your system permanently. To remove Sehen.site virus, here is how:

  1. Press the Windows key and search for the Control Panel. Click on the relevant result to launch the All Control Panel Items window.
  2. Now, click on Programs and Features. Check among the list of installed items for anything related to Sehen.site. Click to highlight the suspicious component, and then select the Uninstall button at the top.
  3. Repeat the process to all suspicious programs that were installed during the Sehen.site virus infection.
  4. When done, you can close the window and launch the affected browser (Chrome, for instance).
  5. Click on the 3 dotted icons to reveal the drop-down menu.
  6. Click on the Settings and select Extensions on the left pane.
  7. Remove all extensions you don’t recognize and suspect are related to Sehen.site.
  8. When done, head back to the Settings window, and this time, click on the Advanced option.
  9. On the list of revealed options, select Reset and clean up before clicking on Restore settings to their original defaults.
  10. Confirm the action by clicking on the Reset settings button again.
  11. When done, restart the computer.


As noted, the Sehen.site program can make your system vulnerable to multiple virus infections. So, we advise conducting a full system scan using a strong and reliable security software tool. This will help get rid of any malware that might have infiltrated your system due to constant redirects to dubious sites.

Moreover, you should familiarize yourself with the symptoms of virus infections as well as precautions to take to avoid attacks. It is better to invest in a defensive mechanism than on damage control measures. Browse safely and keep cautious of the sites and content you have access on.

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