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There are various illegitimate search engines that are often advertised as tools that can improve the users’ browsing experience by providing fast searches and accurate results. These fake search engines are generally promoted by browser hijackers. These browser hijackers mostly target browsers like:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari, etc

Once the browser hijacker attacks either one of the tools listed above, it makes changes that prevent the user from accessing their browser’s setting. Additionally, these browser hijackers also have data tracking abilities that allow them to spy on people and their browsing habits. Once a browser hijacker has infiltrated your system, it assigns the address of the fake search engine to:

  • The browser’s homepage
  • The default search engine
  • All the new tabs and windows

These actions take place without your consent, and they negatively affect browsing quality.

A Brief Introduction to Search.becovi.com

Search.becovi.com is a popular fake search engine that hijacks web browsers. After the infiltrations, all new tabs that the user opens, as well as the queries typed into the search bar, are redirected to search.becovi.com. The fake search engine also injects its own toolbar, and an extension might be added to the browser.

The appearance of the Becovi.com page every time you try to open a new tab is an evidence that a browser hijacker has been enabled on your computer.

Why Is My Browser Redirected to Search.becovi.com?

Fake search engines can barely generate search results. That’s why the browser redirects to search.becovi.com in an attempt to provide search results. Alternatively, the fake search engine could cause redirection to chains ending with Google or bing.com.

In most cases, the results that the user gets are inaccurate as they often promote untrustworthy and potentially harmful sites.

If you do not remove the browser hijacker, it becomes close to impossible for a user to recover the affected browser. Any change that the user tries to make gets reset automatically. The user may also not be allowed to access the relevant settings.

How Did the Search.becovi.com Install on Your Computer?

Due to the way in which these programs get on the computer, they’re classified as “Potentially Unwanted Applications.” The malicious programs spread through the download and installation process of other software. The files come pre-packaged with other software through a process called “bundling.”

Alternatively, these apps may get downloaded without your consent when you click on misleading intrusive adverts.

How to Remove Search.becovi.com Redirect

Apart from making irritating changes to the web browser’s homepage, search engines, and new tab URLs, the malicious browser hijacker also fills directories such as Task Manager, Registry, and Applications folder with dubious-looking components that also need to be removed.

It’s highly recommended that users remove all suspicious apps and browser extensions immediately after they’re detected. This is the only way your browser can stop redirecting to search.becovi.com. Remember that the longer you wait before carrying out the removal process, the more your activities get tracked and recorded.

Before you can get started on the removal process, there are a few introductory milestones that you need to complete:

  1. Ensure that you have a malware removal guide
  2. Prepare a backup of all your data to avoid losing them. Store the data (including your saved passwords, logins, and other credentials) in the Cloud.
  3. Wait until the backup process is over before you start removing the browser hijacker.

There are two main methods that you may use to remove search.becovi.com for good:

  • Manual removal– This technique requires that you have a manual tutorial ready.
  • Automatic removal– This technique requires that you purchase, download, and install a reliable anti-malware tool, after which you can initiate and complete the removal task within just a few minutes.

The manual removal is quite lengthy and complex. It even requires that you have advanced computer knowledge. That is why it’s advised that you try the automatic removal method that uses a professional anti-malware tool that instantly gets rid of the browser hijacker.

The search.becovi.com can remain persistent and may easily re-infect your computer even after you have removed it. Get a robust security tool that will not only make work easier for you but also remove all the infected files from your computer.

The advantage of using the automated removal process is that when you scan your system, the software also identifies other malicious programs and removes them.


Overall, search.becovi.com focuses on controlling the content that the user sees.

This unwanted program changes the default search engine settings to search.becovi.com with the aim of controlling the results that the user gets. The search engine redirects to other pages as a way of creating more online traffic, and in the process, the user is exposed to intrusive and unwanted ads. These ads could potentially lead to more serious infections.

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