What is GameSearch Browser Extension?

Browser Hijack

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GameSearch browser extension is a program designed to offer numerous links to online games available for free as well as other popular services. However, this is not an application that you want in your computer as it has browser-hijacking traits. As a matter of fact, most reputable anti-malware tool detect the app as a PUP. By keeping it in your system, you may end up incurring security breaches. This potentially unwanted program uses some dodgy techniques to get installed behind your unsuspecting back. Through software bundling, users are tricked into installing this browser hijacker. Users can also get tricked through fake update notifications posted on random untrustworthy sites.

Once this program finds its way to your system, it manipulates your default browser settings. Regardless of the default browser you’re using, be it Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or other common web browsers, GameSearch has what it takes to override and gain full access. When the infiltration is complete, GameSearch will redirect searches as well as set the default search engines of new tabs to gamsrch.com. Moreover, during the process, a custom search engine will be added. This will make all of the search results to be redirected through a certain way that displays the outcome using Yahoo provider featuring various sponsored links.

This functionality may seem harmless at first glance. However, by deeply understanding how it functions, you will get surprised by how much you have to lose. GameSearch is not called a PUP for some fashion reasons. You don’t want to keep this kind of a program in your system as it carries more security threats than you can imagine. For starters, this browser hijacker uses cookies as well as other tech tracking means to spy on the victim’s online activities. This activity may lead to the user getting their personal data exposed.

Possible Ways to Get GameSearch

Before we get to the topic of how to remove GameSearch browser extension, let’s begin by analyzing the techniques used by this malware to infiltrate your system. It’s a no brainer for someone to intentionally install a browser extension that will redirect their searches as well as display disruptive, untrustworthy advertisement content. Therefore, the developers of many potentially unwanted programs use various distribution tactics to trick users into installing the program.

Bundling of software by untrusted third-party freeware providers is a method commonly used by developers to spread PUP. Most of the third-party websites that utilize freeware as their main source of cash injection together with deceptive ads, contrivance victims into installing GameSearch without knowing.

What Does GameSearch Browser Extension Do

When installed into the victim’s system, GameSearch takes over the browser by altering the settings to showcase sponsored search results to the user. Most of the browser hijacks do not employ a particular search engine. Rather, they use commonly known ones such as Yahoo or Bing via affiliate programs. Even though the search engine will be genuine, the results aren’t. This is because of the placed adverts at the top that are simply paid content by other malicious websites. Thus, the user’s browsing experience changes drastically, and in most cases, it takes time for the victim to realize the changes taking place. By the time they realize the PUP’s intrusion, extensive damage would have been already inflicted.

The best way to get your browser back to its normal look and functionality is to permanently remove GameSearch from the system, since the search results would have been altered, leaving the user with higher chances of being tracked and their data exposed.

Still, on the topic of the user getting tracked, one thing common among browser hijackers is that they all apply multiple technologies such as cookies or beacons to acquire data concerning the user’s online activities as well as traits. Here is what is tracked by browser hijackers in most cases:

  • Victim’s physical location
  • Victim’s internet service provider
  • Visited sites
  • Links and advertisements clicked

To stop all of these intrusive behaviors, you must conduct a complete GameSearch removal from your system. Keep in mind that these browser hijacking programs not only penetrate your browser platform but also find their way to root into your computer. Therefore, even if you reinstall your browser, there will be no changes since the infiltration will be rooted in your computer.

Avoid GameSearch Installation

Potentially unwanted programs are exceptionally deceptive; this is the reason why they are so common among internet users. Users get fooled with attractive ad lines or professionally presented adverts. Moreover, at times, people genuinely install the program based on what they would have read concerning its functionality. In most cases, browser hijackers will promise a secure and private browsing experience, which is a line that is attractive to many internet users in this present era. However, once installed, users, start experiencing inclined ads across their browsers, poor system performance, constant browser redirects, as well as other system issues related to the PUP.

Even though one would argue that browser hijackers aim to collect data for marketing purposes hence deeming them harmless, the ads presented can be disruptive, out of context, and can even prevent the user from finding relevant data on the internet. In addition, a browser hijacker can display inappropriate content, especially if the affected system is a home shared computer. So, it is best to remove it permanently as soon as it is discovered.

You can prevent installing a PUP by first avoiding untrustworthy third-party freeware providers. Most PUPs are distributed from untrustworthy sites that concentrate on freeware. By simply avoiding these sites, you significantly reduce the chances of getting infected by GameSearch virus.

Remember that even though a PUP may not be an actual virus, having it in your computer may lessen your security measures, hence inviting viruses. Through redirects to untrustworthy sites and display of malicious ads links, you may end up installing or downloading a malicious executable file. So, before you install a program, start by verifying its legitimacy by reading reviews online from trusted sources. Once you have verified its legitimacy, proceed with your download, but only from its official site.You must also keep in mind that even genuine freeware can be bundled with third-party software for monetization, so you must stay focused during the installation. Select the custom or advanced installation option so that you can choose what to install and what not to.

GameSearch Browser Extension Removal Instructions

It’s possible to remove GameSearch browser extensions. Start by uninstalling the extension from all of your browsers. However, even after doing so, you may still experience redirects. This is where a trusted anti-malware tool such as Auslogics Anti-Malware comes to your rescue. Download the software and run a full system scan. The security tool will pick several malicious programs and files related to GameSearch program and get rid of them. For your enhanced security, you can keep your anti-malware tool running in the background for live protection after getting rid of the PUP.

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