How to Remove WinOptimizer?

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WinOptimizer is a computer program designed for Windows systems. The software analyzes as well as optimizes the operating system through scanning and removing unnecessary files. WinOptimizer is a legit application with questionable benefits. Therefore, it is flagged by many security tools for one or more reasons.

For starters, WinOptimizer distribution is somewhat questionable. Most of the users find this program running in their systems without knowing how it got there. This is a serious red flag for a program that claims to be real. Usually, the software is bundled with freeware from various third-party websites. During the installation of these free programs, users, without paying much attention, allow WinOptimizer to install into their system. One would say it’s the user’s mistake to allow the software to get installed. However, it’s just too sneaky for a brand that claims to believe in its capability to find such cheap means that rely on human error to get more clients. Moreover, software bundling is the behavior of malicious developers.

WinOptimizer promises to optimize Windows machines by getting rid of browser traces, registries, invalid shortcuts, and so forth. However, when reality kicks in, these types of applications are just a fuss, promising a system boost which is also a hoax. Therefore, we recommend not using any type of these applications, and if you happen to have one on your system, remove it.

App NameWinOptimizer
CategoryPUA (potentially unwanted application)
Distribution MeansDirect from the website or through software bundling
PurposeOptimize, speed up, as well as boost Windows system
ThreatSystem malfunction due to wrong fixes, and financial loss, buying a tool that doesn’t work. System vulnerabilities since the app is often picked by anti-virus security tools
IncludesDeals from Ashampoo
RemovalFollow the guide provided below to get rid of the app
Other OptionsUse software such as Reimage

What Does WinOptimizer Do?

Developed by Ashampoo, WinOptimizer is part of various company software tools such as Zip Pro, Driver Update, and Uninstaller. In most cases, these programs cause system clutter while in other cases they create problems instead of solving them. To some users, the program may be useful, especially those who haven’t wiped their browsing cache. Moreover, the app claims to provide somewhat useful functionality such as:

  • Cleaning of registry
  • Removal of invalid shortcuts
  • Removal of unnecessary service
  • Fix AutoStart entries
  • Optimizable security configurations

Why WinOptimizer Should Be Avoided

To strengthen our advice on avoiding WinOptimizer at all costs is the issue of displaying scan results. The program tends to exaggerate, giving the user an impression that their system is bugged by hundreds of issues which need to be taken care of urgently. The registry entry division is the most alarming considering that a regular user does not have the expertise to manipulate it.

Registry entries represent tiny files stored together into one database. Each application installed in your system has set registries so that it can function on the computer properly. These entries are completely harmless to the system in most cases, giving the regular user no reason to temper or delete them. Apart from that, the wrong manipulation of these files may lead to serious system problems.

With that said, problems related to registry entries do occur, but occasionally. For instance, if your system is infected with malware entities such as Trojan or ransomware, which tamper with registries, there might be a need to use software that will erase these entries.

Avoid Software Bundles

As mentioned above, WinOptimizer, as well as other questionable programs find their way to your system via software bundles. This is a traditional method of distributing programs, and it is not that “evil” as anticipated. Providing apps in a bundle is one way that developers can use to showcase and potentially sell their content to users. Moreover, it also gives developers a platform to let users try out their products freely on a trial period. However, these bundled components should be fairly visible to the user and give them a clear option to accept or decline it.

Nevertheless, most of the third-party sites, as well as developers began to exploit this technique to trick users install programs that they are not interested in. At times, these apps can be harmful to the system. This technique of software bundling has a higher success rate because the majority of users do not pay much attention when installing applications. It’s either they are in a rush, paying attention to another app, or just not interested to read through the prompts. Thus, they end up accepting everything or opting for automatic installation.

WinOptimizer Removal Instructions

Before you initiate the process of removing WinOptimizer, you need to first shut down the program. You can achieve this by accessing the “show hidden icons” tray located in the taskbar. Right-click on WinOptimizer icon and choose Quit/Exit.

However, it is advisable to perform a full system scan if you acquired WinOptimizer through software bundling or don’t recall how you got it to your system. There is a chance taht there might be other malicious programs which could have found their way into your system together with WinOptimizer.

To remove WinOptimizer from a Windows system, you must follow these steps:

  1. Access Programs and Features window by selecting Start, then search for Control Panel and press Enter
  2. On the list of Programs and Features, located WinOptimizer, as well as other suspicious apps, and click to highlight it.
  3. Click on uninstall, and once done, click OK to save changes made.
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