How to Remove PopBlock+?

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PBlock+, also known as PopBlock+, is a potentially unwanted program that disguises as an advert blocker. This supposedly Google add-on program promises to block ads and give users a seamless experience. However, what it does is redirect search queries to questionable sites that can be harmful to your system.

This can be harmful as the affected user can get exposed to various malware. Most of the redirects lead to scam and phishing materials.

PopBlock+ is an adware-type of virus and is often identified as a potentially unwanted program.

What Is PopBlock+?

The app is often distributed using deceptive techniques. Once it penetrates the system, the program changes the browser configurations to showcase various banners, adverts, dubious offers, as well as some other money-generating content. To make it worse, the app runs various processes which collect data concerning the user’s browsing activities. The information is then transferred to third-party entities for monetary gains.

PopBlock+ is advertised as an essential tool for internet users. With such a program, users can avoid intrusive adverts that appear when browsing the internet. This in turn improves the user’s browsing experience. Also, such kinds of programs are essential in keeping JavaScript malware at bay, preventing the automatic installation of extensions or programs, if the browser is vulnerable.

However, regardless of the good work done by ad blockers, not all of them can be trustworthy. Plenty of programs claim to be what they are not to convince unsuspecting users into downloading them. We have experienced the likes of Adblocker for YouTube that went rogue after accumulating the trust of significant online users. Sadly, PopBlock+ is among the untrustworthy programs that you get rid of once you come across.

What Does PopBlock+ Do?

Although PopBlock+ has an official site, there is no way to install the extension through it. That should be a red flag, right? When users attempt to install the PopBlock+ program, they are greeted by the following message;

popblockplus[.]com says

You are protected. All suspicious Pop-Ups will be blocked.

PopBlock+ successfully activated. You may close this window.

How Did PopBlock+ Install on my Computer?

There are consumers who intentionally install the app. Other users find this app in their systems after having installed freeware. For this to occur, users would have been tricked through the software bundling technique.

Although the strategy is ancient, it is still effective. Intended to be a marketing stunt to advertise new products, it’s been exploited by cybercriminals.

Software bundling is recognized as one of the most effective malware distribution techniques. In this method, malware is attached to the genuine product, which is installed when users choose the Express or Recommended installation process. Choosing otherwise with options such as Custom or Advanced installation process can help the user gain control of what is being installed.

By taking a closer look, most users are not aware of the app existence until it’s too late. Therefore, you should be cautious of what and where you download content online. These types of unwanted programs are often distributed by insecure or unverified sites such as torrents. Moreover, it’s hard to tell where you got the PopBlock+. So, the only way to deal with it is following our removal guide.

How to Remove the PopBlock+ Virus?

If the ads and redirects don’t bother you, there are still more reasons why you should get rid of PopBlock+. For starters, this is a data tracking malicious adware that uses beacons, cookies, as well as other dubious tactics to spy on the user’s activities online. Keep in mind that such programs can capture banking details and other personal information which can lead to identity theft.

Solution #1: Remove the Extension from the Browser

Removing the PopBlock+ extension from the browser will help you gain control of your internet activities. You can also enjoy your usual browser setup again and obtain reliable search results.

  1. Access your browser and click on the 3 dotted menu.
  2. Choose the Settings option from the emerging menu.
  3. On your left, hover down and select the Extensions option. A new tab will open.
  4. Now, go through the installed extensions and remove all that you’re not aware of, including PopBlock+.
  5. Once done, close the browser and restart the computer.
  6. In the next startup, move on to Solution #2.

Solution #2: Run a Full System Security Scan

This is a very important step in the PopBlock+ cleanup process. As already mentioned, PopBlock+ carries the risk of infecting your PC with more malware. So, even after successfully removing the extension, you must run a full system scan using a trusted anti-malware security software.


The internet is swamped with malicious content. If you don’t apply effective security measures, you will end up experiencing great loss. To stay safe online, you should make sure a strong and reputable antivirus tool is enabled. Also, only download content from official sites or verified distributors.

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