How to Remove Feetwindyoung Ads?

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Browser hijackers can be anxiety-inducing due to their intrusive behavior. Usually, they start on a note promising to help the user by enhancing system performance and a better browsing experience. However, it all leads to a frustrating experience filled with pop-ups, banners, non-related surveys, as well as ads that show explicit content. In the long run, the user gets uncomfortable when using their computer due to such a browser hijacker app.

Feetwindyoung is a brand associated with such behavior and must be avoided at all costs.

What Are Feetwindyoung Ads?

Feetwindyoung is an unpleasant app that comes in many variations. They aim to create a group of sites that deceive unsuspecting users to allow push notifications so they can flood their machines with countless ads. There are many types of Feetwindyoung apps but the difference among them is indicated by just a number, for instance, Feetwindyoung-3 and Feetwindyoung-4. Although these portals have a very short lifespan, the ads keep on showing even if the sites that are distributing the infection are no longer operational.

If you accidentally or unknowingly subscribed to Feetwindyoung notifications, it means your system has been infected with adware or potentially unwanted apps. The good news, it is possible to remove it permanently with our free instructions provided in this article. However, you should act quickly since such kind of malware can lead to more junkware being installed in your system.

What Does Feetwindyoung Ads Do?

Although such kinds of applications are harmless per se, users must bear in mind that the behavior of a browser hijacker is rogue and can lead to very dangerous malware attacks. These malware forms can include the most lethal ones such as ransomware and Trojan horse.

Users don’t visit portals such as Feetwindyoung willingly. They are subconsciously redirected to such sites when they click on dubious ads. Such redirects are an indication that your PC has been infected with adware or a browser hijacker. These dubious sites are designed to generate revenue by displaying deceptive ads as well as performing redirects to other malicious sites.

Feetwindyoung virus can further infect your computer with malware through the implementation of other distribution methods. This includes tricking the user to click on misleading ads. Such ads have nothing to do with the site but will still redirect when clicked upon. For instance, an ad showing a breaking news thumbnail can lead to the following sites showing either of the content below:

  • Gambling platform
  • Explicit content
  • Online games
  • Dubious software updates
  • Potentially unwanted apps
  • Fake competition, promotions, and surveys

As you can see, clicking on any of the ads is insecure, let alone visiting such kinds of websites. However, if you’re already infected and experiencing redirects, you must act quickly and get rid of the virus before incurring severe damage.

The dangers of a browser hijacker are nowhere near the ones imposed by other types of viruses such as ransomware. But its behavior can invite more dreadful infections. Therefore, we advise users to be thorough when removing this malware.

How to Get Rid of Feetwindyoung Ads?

We have prepared a comprehensive removal process to get rid of Feetwindyoung ads. Since such sites can lead to the installation of various malware, you must conduct both automatic and manual removal processes. This will help eliminate both the malware programs installed in the system and from the browser.

Solution #1: Remove Feetwindyoung Programs from the System

This is a manual procedure that requires the user to manipulate the Programs and Features section to get rid of all unknown and other associates of Feetwindyoung apps. Here is how to do so:

  1. Press the Windows + I keys to launch the Settings app. Now, check for the Apps category and click on it to launch the Programs and Features window.
  2. Identify any apps that you don’t recognize, were recently installed, or are related to Feetwindyoung. Uninstall all of them.
  3. When done, close the window and head to the next solution.

Solution #2: Remove Feetwindyoung from the Browser

Now that you have removed the root cause of the issue, it’s time to get rid of its agents that promote its online functionality. These include browser extensions.

  1. Access Google Chrome and click on the 3 dotted icon to reveal the menu.
  2. Click on the Settings option, and then select Search engine.
  3. Now, select Manage search engines before choosing Google as your default.
  4. Go back to the left pane when done. This time, select Extensions, and a new tab will open.
  5. Under the Extensions tab, identify any suspicious ones from the list of installed ones. Click the Remove button to get rid of the ones associated with Feetwindyoung or were installed during the infection.
  6. When done, close the tab and head back to the Settings tab.
  7. This time, click on Advanced to expand.
  8. Click on Reset and clean up before choosing Restore settings to their original defaults.
  9. Now, click Reset settings to confirm the action and wait for the process to complete.
  10. When done, close the browser and move on to the next Solution.

Solution #3: Use a Recommended Anti-Malware Security Software to Remove Feetwindyoung

This stage is very important and using a recommended security tool is vital. Most of the untrustworthy security tools are outdated and can’t detect the latest malware programs. Therefore, to be thorough, you must install a reliable and tested program. Download and install an anti-malware security software program and run it. Select the option to perform a Full Scan and wait for the process to complete. Apply the recommended action which is either Quarantine or Remove the flagged content.

Solution #4: Perform an SFC Scan to Fix Damaged System Files

When the system is infected, it is common for its files to get corrupted. And this leads to computer instability issues. Therefore, to get it back to its optimum performance, you must execute a System File Checker scan using the inbuilt Windows utility.

  1. Press the Windows + R keys, and then type cmd. Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys to launch elevated Command Prompt.
  2. When prompted by the User Account Control, click Yes to give administrator privileges.
  3. Inside the Command field, type sfc /scannow and hit the Enter key to initiate the process.
  4. When done, restart the computer and enjoy.


A clean computer will always save you the stress of having to deal with malware such as Feetwindyoung. By keeping a trusted anti-malware security software running in the background to obtain real-time protection is one way to achieve that goal. Also, you can practice best browsing behavior which includes defensive tactics such as downloading verified files from trusted websites.

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