How to Remove DKOM.doublepulsar?

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There is a reason why software providers emphasize on updating products in due time. Installing updates is an important measure in securing your system and keeping cyber threats at bay. However, most users overlook this and keep on using systems that operate on outdated software.

Malicious programs such as DKOM.doublepulsar take advantage of outdated systems and find loopholes to penetrate the computer.

DKOM.doublepulsar acts as an advanced backdoor Trojan which can be used by a hacker to easily connect and remotely gain control of your computer. This Trojan is known for spreading the notorious WannaCry ransomware.

There are a lot of things that can be done by this ill-mannered Trojan such as collecting vital data like banking details, login credentials, as well as other sensitive information. It also disables a computer’s security software, making it easy for other malware threats to infiltrate your system. Once it has penetrated your device, it will upload and install other malicious content, leading to an unbearable experience when using your compute.

The simple way of avoiding this malicious entity is to keep your operating system updated. However, the reason you might be here is that you came across the virus in your system or already started experiencing its symptoms such as constant crashes, slow system performance, and endless errors. You mustn’t worry though, as you have come to the right place. This article will explain how to get rid of the virus and fix damaged system files to regain your PC’s optimal health.

What Is DKOM.doublepulsar?

DKOM.doublepulsar was developed by the National Security Agency of the United States. Surprising, right? Well, this entity was stolen by cybercriminals and was then spread globally for their ill-fated gains.

The Windows kernel called EternalBlue is the vulnerability that DKOM.doublepulsar looks to exploit. The infamous WannaCry ransomware exploited over 200 000 computers with the help of the DKOM.doublepulsar backdoor. The whole attack led to a worldwide cybersecurity disaster.

What Does DKOM.doublepulsar Do?

DKOM.doublepulsar falls under the most lethal types of malware. Its characteristics include:

  • Copies and uploads personal data from the victim’s computer to a predetermined server
  • Disables the machine by deleting important system files
  • Installs multiple malicious programs to the infected computer to cause more harm
  • Displays a lot of intrusive advertisements
  • Configures any security-related program to halt its functionality
  • Records and steals vital information such as financial details and login credentials.

Trojans are hard to detect and, in most cases, the user only becomes aware when the damage has already been done.

What makes Trojans hard to detect is that they are camouflaged as a legitimate process. They then wait for the trigger to begin executing their original purpose. This is the reason why we recommended using only professional anti-malware tools with an extensive virus database.

The Spread of DKOM.doublepulsar Trojan

Trojan developers use various techniques to spread the malicious program. Regardless, these types of files are not designed to execute themselves. This is the reason why in most cases perpetrators spread them as dubious ads.

For instance, while visiting an insecure site, a pop-up message may appear stating that your system is performing poorly and you must download and install the advertised tool to fix the issues. If the user falls for the trap and installs the software, the Trojan will then plant its roots in the machine.

Trojans are also spread through file-sharing platforms. Such platforms include torrent sites that do not use end-to-end encryption. The Trojan is disguised as a free crack for the latest priced game, or an expensive licensed software program. The developers also use spam emails, hiding payload files in attachment or hyperlinks.

Get Rid of DKOM.doublepulsar?

To successfully remove the DKOM.doublepulsar virus infection, we advise users to first disconnect the infected computer from the network. This helps avoid the spread of the virus to other systems connected to the same network. Once you have done so, you can apply the MS17-010 Windows update. It was specifically released as a security patch to cover the loopholes that allowed the likes of DKOM.doublepulsar Trojans to exploit the computer.

After applying the update and issues persist, reboot the device, and then follow the solutions below to get rid of the virus permanently:

Solution #1: Perform a Full System Scan Using a Reliable Anti-Malware Utility

As already indicated, a reliable anti-malware security software is vital to detecting and removing the DKOM.doublepulsar virus. Remember, this virus can disguise itself as a legitimate software program. Therefore, it is important to utilize a security utility that has an updated virus database.

Download and install the setup file of the security tool. Once done, execute a Full System Scan to search for malware content in the computer. When done, select Remove or Quarantine to get rid of all the flagged malicious content in the system. Restart the computer and move on to the solution below in the next startup.

Solution #2: Run an SFC Scan to Fix Corrupt or Damaged System Files

Now that you have removed the virus from the system as well as its associates, it’s time to fix the computer and bring it back to its optimum performance level.

To ensure that a system is vulnerable to attacks, Trojans tend to damage or corrupt system files first. With the help of the Windows in-built utility called System File Checker, you can detect and fix any discrepancies within the files.

To perform an SFC scan, follow the instructions below:

  1. Access the Administrator: Command Prompt by pressing the Windows + R keys before typing cmd followed by the Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys.
  2. When prompted by the UAC, click on the Yes button to give Administrator privileges.
  3. Now, inside the Administrator: Command Prompt field, insert the sfc /scannow command and hit the Enter key.
  4. Wait for the process to complete. Depending on the size and specs of your system, the process may take up to 15 minutes to complete.
  5. When done, restart your computer.


A Trojan can come in any form. However, the best way to avoid it is to stay away from insecure sites. You mustn’t be quick to click on ads or open email attachments as this can trigger a Trojan installation. You must also keep track of the apps installed on your system. Remove programs that you no longer need and monitor your CPU usage to identify any abnormal activities that are usually caused by malware.

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