Windows 11 22H2 Remote Desktop Not Working: Issues and Solutions

Windows 11 remote desktop not working
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Upon installing the 22H2 update, several Windows 11 users have faced troubles while connecting to Remote Desktop. These difficulties primarily originate from a bug in this particular update that prompts the Remote Desktop client to establish a UDP connection instead of a TCP one. This causes issues for users who allow only port 443 through their firewall.

A Temporary Workaround: The Registry Edit

A temporary solution involves tweaking the registry of the affected Windows 11 device. Here, users are required to set the key value ‘fClientDisableUDP,’ located under ‘Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\Terminal Services\Client,’ to 1. This workaround stops the Remote Desktop client from connecting via UDP, thereby ensuring successful connections. If the key value is absent, users can create a DWORD value named ‘fClientDisableUDP’ and assign it a value of 1. It’s advisable to restart the system after implementing this change.

Limitations of the Workaround

Despite the proposed registry fix, several users continue to grapple with persistent problems, suggesting the existence of other unidentified issues. Some users have reported failed login attempts and disruptions to Outlook syncing, in addition to connectivity issues. Furthermore, these issues are not exclusive to Windows 11; Windows 10 21H2 users have also reported random connection drops when using direct IP or VPN. While some have found the workaround to be effective temporarily, it has not been a permanent solution for all, indicating the presence of additional, yet unidentified, problems.

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Microsoft’s Response and User-Initiated Solutions

As of now, Microsoft’s technical support is investigating the issue by recreating the conditions. Until an official solution is provided, users have either relied on the registry change fix or upgraded to Pro and downloaded the Microsoft RD app. However, the urgency for an official Microsoft resolution continues to grow, given the significant operational disruptions for organizations and individuals.

Further Assistance

Users still facing problems after attempting these solutions are recommended to visit the Microsoft Q&A forum for further assistance from IT professionals.

The Role of the KB5022360 Update

Microsoft’s release of the KB5022360 update aimed to resolve this issue, yet some users found the issue persisting post-installation. Furthermore, access to the download link for this update and the inconsistent efficacy of the ‘fClientDisableUDP’ fix added to the existing problems.

Persisting Issues and Alternative Solutions

Despite these measures, many users continue to face issues, particularly with preexisting RDP shortcuts and accessing remote computers over the Internet. Some also reported problems with Remote Desktop inaccurately stating the user or password, despite their certainty about the entered credentials. In response to these unresolved issues, some users reverted to the previous Windows version (21H2), while others considered switching to alternative platforms or waiting for an official Microsoft patch. However, updating PCs to a developer version of Windows 11 or using a VPN connection from a Windows 10 PC has bypassed some of these problems.


Even with the proposed workarounds and updates, Remote Desktop issues continue to be a pain point for some Windows 11 users. This scenario underscores the need for a more reliable and comprehensive solution from Microsoft.

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