Windows 10 KB5025221 April 2023 Update: Troubleshooting Guide

Windows 10 KB5025221 April 2023 Update
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In April 2023, Microsoft introduced a mandatory cumulative update for Windows 10, titled KB5025221, with the intention of rectifying various operational bugs, including an anomaly where USB printers were misrecognized as multimedia devices. Regrettably, the update seems to have inadvertently sparked a series of fresh complications, most significantly in the realm of printing.

Printer Problems and User Reports

The update appears to disrupt document scanner functionality on printers such as the Brother DCP-L2540DW model, as reported by several users. A temporary workaround seems to be uninstalling the update, which restores the scanner function. This issue significantly affects small businesses that heavily rely on work printers.

In a Microsoft forum thread, users validated additional problems with Brother HL-L3210CW printers following the update installation. Data could be sent to the printer, but it would not execute printing commands. Once again, uninstalling the update seemed to mitigate the problem, though this carries potential security risks.

Other Issues

Beyond printer-related complications, user complaints have emerged regarding the default apps settings menu, which opens each time Google Chrome is launched. However, this issue only appears to affect a subset of users impacted by the update.

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Furthermore, some users reported encountering problems with Windows Update failures. For instance, a user experienced difficulty making the cumulative update appear in Windows Update. Even though it showed 0% downloading, the update was apparently installing in the background, as indicated by the user’s CPU fan activity.

Solving Printer Problems after Windows Update

Following is a guide to troubleshoot printer issues potentially caused by the Windows 10 KB5025221 April 2023 Update:

  1. Verify Your Printer Model: It’s important to verify the model of your printer to ensure the correct troubleshooting steps are being applied.
  2. Update Printer Drivers: Download and install the latest drivers from your printer manufacturer’s official website.
  3. Check Windows Services: Verify that the “Print Spooler” service is running in the Services window.
  4. Run the Printer Troubleshooter: Utilize Windows’ built-in troubleshooter to diagnose and rectify any potential issues.
  5. Modify the Windows Registry: This step requires careful modification of the Windows Registry. Always ensure to have a backup of the registry before proceeding.
  6. Submit Feedback to Microsoft: If the problems persist, submit your issue through the Feedback Hub on Windows.
  7. Pause Updates (Optional): If updates are causing persistent issues, consider temporarily pausing them.

Uninstalling the Update

A temporary resolution to these issues is to uninstall the update and delay any further installations until Microsoft provides an update. Users can remove the update either via the Control Panel or the Command Prompt. However, it’s crucial to note that uninstalling these security updates could potentially expose your system to security vulnerabilities or other problems originally addressed by the update.

User Feedback

Post-update, user feedback has revealed a mixture of concern and frustration. Some users observed that the update rendered the Windows Update service persistent, meaning it would reactivate upon reboot even after being disabled.

Temporary Fixes for Identified Problems

Post-update issues with Office 365 apps could be temporarily relieved by either uninstalling the update or updating the device and reinstalling Office 365. The Windows 10 update error 0x800f081f on KB5025221, reported by some users, could be addressed through various methods including running the Windows Update Troubleshooter, checking the operation of Windows Update and Background Intelligent Transfer services, resetting the Windows Update components, or executing an in-place upgrade.

Furthermore, users who set Google Chrome as a default browser in a domain environment might find the Windows Default Apps window launching each time Google Chrome is initiated after installing either the KB5026039 (Windows 10 update) or KB5025221 (Windows 11 update).

Looking Forward

Users are advised to back up their data before making any significant changes to their system and exercise caution. Users who have recently installed the KB5025221 update and are experiencing any of the mentioned issues should find the suggested solutions beneficial.

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