Windows 10/11 April 2019 Update: Release Date, Exciting News and Features

On April 2019, Windows 10/11 will get an exciting update. While its features are still in the works, it has already been given the codename 19H1. As soon as it will be released, this Windows 10/11 April 2019 Update will be named 1903.

The update will have lots of features, including a light theme, speed improvements, and “passwordless” logins. All these features will be discussed further below.

So what do we expect from the Windows 10/11 April 2019 Update? Here you go:

1. Speed Improvements

When 2018 started, the news about Spectre threatened the tech industry. Spectre is technically a design flaw in traditional CPUs that allows programs to bypass restrictions and consume the memory spaces allocated for other programs. Thanks to the discovery of this flaw, Windows 10/11 will be getting a speed improvement.

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Microsoft is designing the upcoming Windows 10/11 Update to block any Spectre attacks. They also make sure that performance penalties are eliminated and backups are quickly performed. The retpoline feature, which is concerned with making your Windows computer work faster, will be enabled.

2. Storage Allocation for Updates

It is likely that a Windows Update will fail to install properly if there is no sufficient disk space. Microsoft is trying to prevent that problem by allocating 7 GB of your computer’s storage space to Windows Updates.

When your system detects that an update is available, it will delete all temporary files using up the reserved storage and perform the update. With this setup, no space is wasted because programs and apps can use the space to store temporary files.

Take note that the exact amount of storage space that will be allocated to reserved storage will depend on the features and languages you have activated and installed. Note, though, that it will start at around 7 GB.

3. Updates on Windows Home Can Be Paused

Windows Home users will soon be able to pause updates. They will be putting this feature somewhere easier to find. According to Microsoft, Home users can pause updates for up to a week. It’s quite a handy feature if you need a temporary break from these updates.

4. A Lighter Desktop Theme

The upcoming Windows 10/11 Update will come with a lighter desktop theme. The taskbar, notifications, print dialog, Start menu, action sidebar, and other elements in the current desktop will now be light instead of dark. The default wallpaper will also match the light theme.

5. Windows Sandbox

Windows Professional users will soon enjoy Windows Sandbox, an isolated desktop environment where you can run programs and software without affecting the host operating system’s performance.

When Sandbox is closed, all the active files and programs running there will also be closed. It’s like a virtual box that keeps software confined in a container.

If you are a Windows Home user, you need to upgrade to Pro to install and use Windows Sandbox.

6. Passwordless Login

Microsoft is trying to push for a world without passwords. With 1903 set for release on April 2019, it will soon be possible to create Microsoft accounts online without a password. The accounts will be linked to phone numbers and Microsoft will only send security codes whenever a user attempts to sign in.

7. A Decluttered Start Menu

Microsoft wants to clean up its default Start menu. The new menu will have one column and will be simpler. Although it is not perfect, it still has your favorite games, such as Candy Crush Saga.

Unfortunately, you won’t see this decluttered menu on your existing account. If you wish to have a cleaner and simpler Start menu, you need to get a new PC or create a new user account.

8. Uninstall Built-In Apps

Soon, you can completely uninstall more built-in apps on your Windows 10/11. In the current Windows 10 version, you can uninstall built-in apps like Skype, My Office, and Solitaire, but eventually you can uninstall more apps, including Groove Music, Paint 3D, Mail, and 3D Viewer.

9. Cortana and the Search Bar Will Be Separated

The current search bar of Windows 10/11 computers is integrated with Cortana. But once the April 2019 Update arrives, they will be separating, where the search bar will become a normal search bar. Cortana, on the other hand, will have a separate icon on the taskbar.

10. Automatic Troubleshooting

Windows computers have built-in troubleshooters, but in order to use them, you need to identify the problem first and then open the correct troubleshooter.

That will be changing in the coming update. If problems arise, all you have to do is navigate to Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot. From there, you will see a list of troubleshooters that Windows 10/11 thinks might help resolve the issue.

11. Improved Notepad

Once again, Microsoft is improving Notepad. They have made changes to the way the utility handles encodings. They have also modified the default file format to UTF-8 to make it compatible with both the web and traditional ASCII.

When working in Notepad, an asterisk will show in the title bar to let you know that the current file has been modified but not saved. This will keep you from losing data.

The Help menu will also undergo major modifications. There will now be a Send Feedback option that will let you send feedback to Microsoft in just one click.

12. Search Files Using the Start Menu

In the previous Windows 10 versions, searches are done only in common locations, such as Downloads, Documents, Desktop, Videos, and Pictures. However, this is changing in April.

The new Windows 10/11 will search for documents and files anywhere on your computer using the Windows search index. Though the search index has been around for quite a long time already, Microsoft has largely ignored it. Now, the tech giant has seen the light and has started taking advantage of this handy function.


As you see, the upcoming Windows 10/11 April 2019 Update comes with handy new features and exciting improvements. It’s worth noting, though, that Microsoft still hasn’t said a word about the exact release date. In the meantime, just sit back and prep your Windows 10/11 computer for the update. Clear up valuable storage space by using Outbyte PC Repair to get rid of junk and faulty system files.

Which features of the Windows 10/11 April 2019 Update are you looking forward to? Let us know below.

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