Microsoft Launches New Update for To-Do App on Windows 10/11: Learn More About the App’s V1.43.13131.0

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Microsoft is rolling out a new update for its To-Do app on Windows 10/11, with changes to Schedule Sorting and other features. This update brings the latest version of the app to v1.43.13131.0.

The Microsoft To-Do app is free but requires that you own a Microsoft Account, and from there it allows you to create lists that can be anything from a travel itinerary to a daily work project. It also creates reminders and adds deadlines to task lists, and can be customized through color themes that can be changed as you desire.

Fresh changes on Microsoft To-Do app

Here are the changes you should expect from this new update:

  • Schedule sorting – The sorting methods within your Smart Scheduled List can get a little messy, but the new update makes sure this is addressed to be better organized.
  • Scheduled list themes – Users who are using the various themes and colors to keep their lists clean and orderly would be happy to know that they can now use them in the Scheduled list as well.
  • Hiding empty smart lists – You can now automatically hide your empty smart lists. This means you will no longer see the Planned as well as Important lists in the sidebar if they don’t contain anything. At the same time, smart lists can also be hidden from the shortcut menu.
  • Enhanced performance and synchronization – As are other apps in existence, the To-Do app is a work in progress, and app v1.43.13131.0 is ensuring it’s tackling issues here and there for a smooth performance.

The update on the To-Do app on Windows 10/11 is currently available for Windows Insiders and the public can get their hands on it later on. Those who are enrolled in the Windows Insider Program can download the update directly from the Microsoft Store.

How to enroll in Windows Insider Program

Not yet part of the Windows Insider Program but always been wanting to? The program is designed to allow developers as well as enthusiasts to get first dibs on upcoming features and improvements, which will allow them to offer feedback and help shape the future of Windows 10/11.

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Joining the program can be fairly easy, but here’s a gentle reminder: during an upgrade, things can go wrong. It’s therefore recommended for you to make a full backup of your PC before you make any significant change to your installation.

Here are the steps:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on Update & security, and then Windows Insider Program.
  3. Click on Get started.
  4. Afterwards, click the option Link an account.
  5. Select your Microsoft account. Next, click the Continue button.
  6. You’ll get to the What kind of content would you like to receive? page. Once you’re there, use the drop-down menu to choose one of the following:
    • Just fixes, apps, and drivers: This enrolls your device in the Release preview ring sans getting preview builds.
    • Active development of Windows: This recommended option enlists your device in the program to regularly get hold of preview builds based on the pace you want to get them.
  1. Click Confirm.
  2. Once on the What pace do you want to receive preview builds? page, go to the drop-down menu and pick from any of the two:
    • Slow: This provides you preview builds with the latest features and changes with less chances of encountering bugs and significant issues.
    • Fast: This recommended option offers preview builds with the most updated features and changes – one that’s likely to reveal bugs, errors, non-working features, and other problems.
  1. Click Confirm, and click Confirm again to agree to the terms. Click Restart Now.

Once you’ve completed the steps, your device will be enrolled in the program and will begin to receive preview builds once they’re available.

Notes and recommendations

Framing a to-do list these days is no longer mostly done using pen and paper, but instead through digital means. There’s a wealth of other to-do list apps for Windows 10/11 these days, helping you stay productive and attuned to your own schedule needs and demands. Among these are the following:

  • Wunderlist – This free app helps you plan anything from small to big tasks, assisting you in organizing your list, setting reminders and due dates, and allowing sharing to-do lists with family and friends.
  • Todoist – This free app is also packed with features ranging from organizing to-do lists and creating notes to attaching files and collaborating with others through list sharing.
  • Microsoft OneNote – This virtual notebook, while not exactly a to-do list app, is a free app that can be used for capturing ideas as well as enhancing productivity, automatically syncing the notebook to Onedrive account.

Stay organized with the newly improved To-Do app, and while you’re at it keep your device running fast and efficiently with a reliable PC repair tool that can expertly diagnose your Windows 10/11, clean out junk files, and enhance speed and performance.

Keep posted for more Window 10 app updates!

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