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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has faced several issues, including an unresponsive touch screen issue and a more recent flickering screen problem. Numerous users have reported the issue on Microsoft’s support forums, with many affected devices no longer under warranty. Over 1,600 Surface Pro 4 owners have encountered the screen flickering issue so far.

Microsoft is well aware of the issue. In a statement released on a popular tech website, the company’s spokesperson explained, “We are aware that some customers have experienced a screen flicker on Surface Pro 4 and are monitoring the situation closely.”

Why is the Screen of Surface Pro 4 Flickering?

There are many possible reasons why your Surface Pro 4’s screen is flickering. However, many users said that it is a hardware error. To ensure customer satisfaction, Microsoft has initially unveiled a replacement program that allows affected users to replace units that are aged 3 years and below.

But, before you contact Microsoft Support for a replacement, perhaps you can try some possible workarounds.

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How to Fix Flickering Screen of Surface Pro 4?

So, what to do about the Surface Pro 4 flashing screen? Here are some fixes that we recommend:

Fix #1: Resolve the hardware problem

If your unit has a flickering screen, check the hardware components first. Here’s a detailed guide on what you should do:

  1. Put your Surface Pro 4 in an open space. This way, you can avoid any interference. It is likely that a magnet exists around your unit, hence the flickering screen.
  2. Make sure the cables are properly plugged in. If a cable is loose, the flickering issue may arise.

Fix #2: Install any Windows and Surface update

Microsoft has also taken measures to make it easier for users to fix the problem. In an official statement released by the company, they referred to the issue as a “scramble,” which means it is hardware-related.

Before having your unit replaced, install the available updates in your unit. It could fix the flickering problem.

Fix #3: Adjust the screen refresh rate

Did you know that the refresh rate of your screen has a huge impact on your input lag? In this case, adjust the refresh rate to resolve the flickering issue. Here’s how:

  1. Right-click on your desktop and select Display Settings.
  2. Choose Advanced Display Settings.
  3. Click Display Adapter Properties for Display 1.
  4. In the dialog pane that pops up, go to the Monitor tab.
  5. Navigate to the Screen Refresh Rate section and choose 60 Hertz.
  6. Hit Apply then click OK.
  7. Check if the screen issue is fixed.

Fix #4: Make sure your graphics driver is updated

Though Microsoft claims that the screen flickering problem cannot be fixed by simply updating your graphics driver or firmware, doing so has fixed the issue for some users. In fact, it has also resolved other display-related problems. After all, an outdated graphics driver can trigger different screen issues.

You have two ways to update your graphics driver: manual or automatic. For the manual method, just go to the device driver’s website and install the most recent version of your graphics card driver. Take note, though, that this method requires technical skills and time.

As for the automatic method, you will need the help of a trusted device driver updater software. Do a quick search online and you can find many options available.

Wrapping Up

If you are among the Surface Pro 4 users who have been affected by the screen flickering issue, we hope that you find this article useful. Try our recommended fixes above before seeking for a unit replacement from Microsoft.

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